I would like to thank everyone for all the well wishes and congratulations for my pregnancy. I was really chuffed with all your comments. I feel I am coming to the other side now with all those dreaded pregnancy symptoms.
I would of liked to thank you sooner but our computer has been up and down a lot lately. More down than up and now it is kaput! It completely died and so we have a brand spanking new one. Oh what a joy!
So as you can see I have finally put up the tutorial. I would love to hear all your feedback about it. I hope every one is having a swell weekend!!

Summer Time Fun Dress Tutorial

Well here it is, the tutorial as promised.

Measurements for sizing are as follows:
Age.................18m..... 2..... 3..... 4..... 5..... 6..... 7

Chest(cm......... 52.......54....55...57.....59....61...63

Height(cm)...... 86.......92....98..104...110..116..122

You will need:            Main fabric
                                             Contrasting fabric
                                                           3.5cm(1 1/2") wide elastic

Using the entire width of fabric leaving the selvedges on (this could be 115cm,130cm or whatever the width of fabric is that you have bought.), cut from:
Main fabric:
Cut a strip for main dress:......................38.....43....48....53....58.....63....68 (cm)
Contrast fabric:
Cut a strip for bottom panel...................15.....17....19.....21....23....25.....27 (cm)
Cut 4 straps, 4cm wide and....................30.....31....32.....33....34....35.....36 (cm) long

I work in cm's because I find it more accurate but I have put inches in the sewing instructions.


1. Measure fabric, snip and then rip. Do this for lower panel, main fabric and straps. I do this because I am always in a hurry, plus it keeps it on the straight grain but if you cut with scissors or rotary cutter it can make things easier when folding edges over and sewing seam allowances.

2. Press fabric B strip, fold over in half and press.

3. Press main fabric. Fold over top edge by 6mm(1/4 inch). To get this measurement accurate, on the wrong side of fabric rule a line 12mm(1/2 inch) from edge, fold over edge so edge meets the drawn line and press.
4.     Fold over edge again to required measurement depending on width of fabric so

2cm(3/4") for the frill + elastic width 3.5cm(1 3/8") + 1cm (3/8") = 6.5cm (2 5/8")

I place the tape measure at various points, measure and press or you could use the above method of doubling the measurement(13cm), ruling a line,put edge of fabric to line and press.
5. Make sure the selvedge edge is kept flush and neat.

6. With right sides together - keeping folded edge turned over - pin in place and sew a 2cm(3/4") seam allowance.

7. Press seam open. Fold over edge at seam allowance and press.

8. Start at centre back sew around top edge 2cm (3/4") this creates the frill.

9. Starting approx. 2.5cm (1") before the back seam, back tack, sew close to edge leaving a gap(roughly 3" or 6-7 cm) for the elastic, sew to this point and back tack.

10. Fold bottom panel in half lengthwise and press. with right sides together sew a seam allowance of 2 cm (3/4").

11. Press open the seam allowance. Fold over lengthwise again and press.

12. Fold both main fabric and bottom panel fabric in half from centre back seam to get centre front seam. Fold in half again to get side seams, pin or notch these 4 points.

13. With dress right side up, pin bottom panel to dress(starting with the centre back seams) match all four points/notches and pin.

14. Sew a 1.5cm seam around panel and dress.

15. Finish edge of seam with either zig zag stitch or over lock.

16.Press seam upwards.

17. Turn to right side and press again.


Starting from centre back top stitch or edge stitch close to seam. This is so the seam stays flat underneath.

This is where you could use your fancy stitches on your machine that you've never used before.

19. Measure chest or use required measurement plus 2.5cm or 1". Cut elastic to size. Place a safety pin on one end.

20. Turn inside out and thread through elastic making sure you don't twist the elastic. You might have to trim elastic if it frays.

21. Overlap the elastic by 5cm/2". Pin and draw a line with chalk down the centre of overlap. Giving you a 2.5cm/1" overlap each side.

Note: This makes the elastic slightly smaller than chest measurement so it can be stretched on.

22. Stitch down this line back and forth 3-4 times, keeping the elastic free so nothing gets caught in the stitching. You will have to really stretch the elastic to do this.

23. Trim elastic.

24. Pull elastic trough. Pin open edge down and stitch close to edge, making sure you don't get the elastic caught. You will have to stretch the elastic so the fabric lays flat.

25. Stitch down centre back seam back and forth a couple of times to secure elastic.

26. Distribute gathers evenly. Fold dress in half fron centre back to get centre front. Pin. Fold in half again to get side seams. Pin. Sew a line down where side seam would be , back and forth a couple of times to secure elastic just like before.


Cut 4 strips 4cm wide to required measurements. Fold in half and press.

NOTE:  The length is just an estimate you may want to make them longer!

ALSO you could use ribbon if you are stuck for time!

28. Open flat, wrong side up and press one side in half to cente.

29. Repeat for other side and press.

30. Fold in half and press.

31. Fold top edge over 6mm/1/4" and press.

32. Fold over again and press so the edge is neat.

33. Topstitch around edge.

34. Press strap. This method makes the straps very strong and you don't need to press them after you wash the dress. Plus I can't be bothered pulling the strap through but you might find the other method of making straps easier.

35. Now place the straps on the wrong side, with raw edge down the bottom. Placing straps evenly between centre front pin and centre back seam using the measurements with the corresponding size e.g. if the spacing should be 12cm, then the straps should be placed 6cm either side of CF and CB seam.

The spacing is the same for both the front and back.
size 18m-12cm, 2 -12cm, 3 -12.5cm, 4 -13cm, 5 -13.5cm, 6 -14cm, 7 -14.5cm

NOTE:  Once again this is an estimate.  If you have the child infront of you, you can pin the straps on while the child is trying on the dress to get a more accurate fit.   Just make sure the straps are evenly spaced fron the centre front and centre back!

36. Pin straps. With right side up stitch down strap back and forth a few times on top of existing topstiching seam.

37. Trim strap so is about 6mm/1/4" from seam.

And there you have it, a very long tutorial for a simple dress. I would absolutely love it if you could send me some photo's, if you ever make this dress. Also I would love to hear your feedback about what you thought about the pattern. Maybe just one day I might start up a flicker group.
I give you my permission if you want to sew and sell these dresses. I would just like you to let me know, purely out of interest sakes.
So sew away my little beauties!!!

We've Got News!!!

Hello, it has been a long time and here is my news.......I am pregnant with number 4. It has been a bit of a shock for it was not expected. I am due in September. I have been feeling really tired and nauseous. The house is a mess and I have no gumption to do anything.

Anyway this is what we have been up to. Yesterday we went to 'The Teddy Bears Picnic' in the park.

Emma is lining up for the teddy bear parade with her bag in hand( made by Emily Pickle) filled with teddy food, clothes and blanket.

Holly looking a wee bit grubby after faling down the slide ladder and I assume a bit sore.

And poor wee Amelia feeling a bit shy after lasting 10 seconds of dancing with fairies in front of the crowd.
I haven't forgot about the tutorial. I promise I will finish it when I can gather enough gumption to finish it.