My creative space: setting up house

setting up house

This is the first time I have ever done this, though I have witness many bloggers doing this for awhile now. I thought it would be a bit of fun to join in.

This little setting was set up by my little daughter before she went to bed last night and told me under strict instructions, not to touch it because she had so much more to add to it in the morning.

That was the before shot and this......

dolls and their breakfast

Is the after shot taken in the morning.

She had all of them set up for breakfast but poor thing I have moved them now so I could vacumn. But anyway this is what I am suppose to be doing - setting up house. I have lived in this house for over a year now and I have not even put one picture up on the wall not even a clock folks. This is a new house but we don't own it so I have been holding back plus I have been a trifle busy with a baby and 3 kids.

I've decided that I can't do any sewing until I have sorted out the kids rooms, garage and the like. But of course the days go by I get stuck with the washing, trying to keep the house tidy, vacumning and so on. My baby has been sick so he wants to be held all the time so when I have a free moment I have no mojo, no inkling to tackle the nitty gritty of sorting out. Infact I am just so exhausted thinking about what needs to be done!

So I declare on this blog that I will hurry up and start. I will show before shots of what the kids room's look like (I will start there), sort it out and then decorate. Plus I have people coming to stay in a couple of weeks. Nothing like a vistor coming that actually makes you clean your house.

Funny story I was telling my 5 year old to clean up. As usual she was complaining how she hates cleaning and doesn't want to do it. I told her I don't care, you made the mess, you clean it up! Of course that didn't go down to well, she proceeds to clean up all the while telling me 'Well actually Mum, you should only clean up when visitors are coming' I giggled and told her to get back to it. Really I don't know where she got that idea from...

And saying that watch Megan from Mousehouse with her challenge. Just another bit of inspiration.

I would also like to thank Lyndy from Stitchbird for giving me a stylish blogger award. I was quite chuffed and so pleasantly surprised. Thanks for making my day! Check out her cute blog and all her so cute fabrics!

Introducing Poppy


This is our lovely friend Poppy made by the ever wonderful Becks of Dandelion. I have always adored her bunnies and was so excited when I could buy one for my little girl for her birthday.

Well I would like to say little Poppy is even better in person and is so well made. We all love her to bits!

bunny and me

This is my little girl receiving Poppy and a doll's bed on the morning of her birthday. I was meaning to make a beautiful dolls quilt and bedding to go along with it but having a baby got in the way. I was even stitching in the hospital the day I had my little boy. Her birthday was 10 days after he was born so I decided not to stress over a little blanket. Plus I don't think she even noticed or cared.

I still had a birthday party for her. Crazy I know. I thought I would invite just a few of our closests friends, which we then ended up having 19 children in all. So much for a small affair.

red and pink fairy cake

This is the cake my Aunty quickly whipped up. The idea stolen from the Amazing Stacey of Polka Dot Daze. Hope you don't mind Stacey;) It was an exhausting affair but we all recovered, that was now 5 months ago finally blogged now.

One Beautiful Image

This beautiful photo was taken by Fiona Anderson of my daughter who is doing the photography for the 'Riverstone Kitchen' cookbook. She is one super duper talented lady and a beautiful person to go along with it. I am proud that someone of this calibre lives not that faraway from me.

I've had a little sneaky peak of the photo's she has taken for the book and all I can say is STUNNING!!! I can't wait till the book comes out so I can show you more.

The Big Birthday Party

Pink, white and red birthday party

Well this is the update from the last post. This was my daughters birthday party and we decided to go for the theme of red, white and pink. She loves her quilt that I made her, though it hasn't been quilted yet (She keeps on asking for it, the poor thing) Well I did quilt it and then I unpicked it all and am now thinking of getting it done professionally.

random quilt, pink and red

But anyway, since this quilt she has decided her favourite colours are red and pink. So I am quite chuffed with that.

So off I went to find all the party accessories like the balloons, lanterns, table cloth e.t.c. It was a real family effort my two Aunties helped greatly towards the preparations, along with Monique and her crew from the restaurant. I won't give too many details away yet until the book comes out, which should be October (a great idea for a christmas present) so until then here is a couple of photo's from the party.

Just me and my red ballon

You can buy this dress here.

Oh look up high

I would just like to say my husband took all these photo's. I was busy feeding my son who was only a few weeks old at the time. Didn't he do an awesome job. I was really impressed coming from a macho dairy farmer!

white tulle and a red and white polka dot ballon

I adore this one he took of one of the party goers.

blow out the candles

And last but not least, one of the birthday girl blowing out the candles. The cake was decorated by me but the butterflies and flowers were made by my ultra talented Aunty.

One Beautiful Party Dress

Oh So Pretty

It was my girls birthday party and her party is going to be featured in our friends new cook book. They won NZ Cuisine Restaurant of the year award (a huge honour)and have been approached to do a book. Monique asked me if we could put my daughters party in it which was at their restaurant. And of course I said YES!

I wanted her to look really special. I chose the bubble dress by 'Oliver and S'. There was a lot to organise for the party. I helped Monique style the party which was so much fun. So I wanted to use a bought pattern that I didn't have to think and quickly sew up. The pattern was a dream, such a good cut and fit. The only slight problem was I found it a bit short for her and would of liked it a bit longer. But at least now I can put it over leggings.

I even learnt a new way to put the gathered skirt to the lining. She put it on elastic instead of gathering to a smaller lining. I liked that method very much. The dress turned out beautifully and I recommend to all.

I found this beautiful grey matte satin fabric at 'Spotlight' that was on sale and only cost me $2.25 for the required amount, lining and all. Now that is a super duper bargain. The pattern cost me 15 times that much because I bought it 2 years ago when the exchange rate was at an all time high.

I wanted a very posh take on the dress so added the sequin trim round the bodice. It was a little extra work because I had to work it into the armhole. I bought a flower brooch, tiara and flower for her hair for the final touch. She sure did look like a princess. She wore it to her Aunty's wedding and got so many compliments. She was as proud as punch wearing her beautiful dress especially when she was passing round the wedding hand outs.

Little Helper

My second daughter wore the dress I originally designed for her older sister. That dress is so easy to care for I can just throw it in the washing machine with no problems. One of these days I will publish this pattern but having babies has got in the way. I want to do it some time this year but I won't promise anything yet. I don't want to jinx myself. I also have to figure how I should go about it.

butter wouldn't melt

I would of liked to make my youngest daughter a dress but there was absolutely no time. When I came across this dress in this shop, I knew I had found the perfect dress. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous, its reversible and it was handmade. Gotta love that!

oh hello there

Note these photo's were taken at the wedding will post a bit more about the birthday later.

Bunnies in Motion

bunnies in motion

This is the first bit of sewing I have done in months and I've got to admit I love it. These bunnies are in the process of being made for the softies for christchurch. My 2 girls picked the fabrics and colour combinations. It was so much fun seeing what they were going to choose.

One Knitted Hat

me and my bro

This was taken 2 months ago when my little boy was 3 months. I knitted this hat when I was pregnant with my 2nd child (4 years ago) incase I had a boy. Of course I had 2 girls after that so it is really nice I can use it now.

Incase you haven't noticed I have changed a few things on my blog. After a lot of deliberation I have decided not to have so much personal information about my kids on this blog. I still want to feature them but maybe leave out their names e.t.c. That is why I have got rid of all my posts before my tutorial. I hope you don't get offended by this but I use to lie awake at night worrying if this was the right thing to do or not.

Edit:  Well scrap that,  I've decided to put it all back in my blog now.  Sorry aboout the confusion.

I have been out of the blogging scene for awhile and have just started reading blogs again let alone posting on mine. So please forgive me if I haven't commented in awhile. My purpose of this blog has changed and I want it solely about crafting. I see this as my crafting journal and love to hear feedback from fellow readers. I also love getting inspiration from all the other crafty bloggers out there. It's such a great community!

I have got a fair bit of blogging to catch up on....

A small way to help

I have donated this dress for Handmade for Christchurch. It is up for auction at the moment. There are some real goodies there.

I am also working on doing something with my girl's school with the older kids. I have talked to the teachers about donating softies for Christchurch. I was thinking of helping and teaching the kids to make softies to donate. I thought it was a nice idea, just another small way to help. I am just waiting to hear back from them to see if they can fit it into there class time.