Introducing Poppy


This is our lovely friend Poppy made by the ever wonderful Becks of Dandelion. I have always adored her bunnies and was so excited when I could buy one for my little girl for her birthday.

Well I would like to say little Poppy is even better in person and is so well made. We all love her to bits!

bunny and me

This is my little girl receiving Poppy and a doll's bed on the morning of her birthday. I was meaning to make a beautiful dolls quilt and bedding to go along with it but having a baby got in the way. I was even stitching in the hospital the day I had my little boy. Her birthday was 10 days after he was born so I decided not to stress over a little blanket. Plus I don't think she even noticed or cared.

I still had a birthday party for her. Crazy I know. I thought I would invite just a few of our closests friends, which we then ended up having 19 children in all. So much for a small affair.

red and pink fairy cake

This is the cake my Aunty quickly whipped up. The idea stolen from the Amazing Stacey of Polka Dot Daze. Hope you don't mind Stacey;) It was an exhausting affair but we all recovered, that was now 5 months ago finally blogged now.


Maria said…
Poppy is gorgeous, love her sweet little dress and what a fantastic cake !
beck said…
What a lovely post and such a sweet photo of Poppy in the grass! Thanks for this, I"m so happy that you love her. And silly me, I thought you had another girl! Congrats on your boy, you must be thrilled. As a mum of four girls and one boy I know how special they all are but have a soft spot for my son. Aren't we blessed? Big families are the best. Hope all is well with you, take care beautiful xo
Polka Dot Daze said…
Gorgeous cake! Much better than mine :)

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