My Creative Space: My basket Surprise!

doll's bed

Well, this is the result of that basket I had bought second hand.  It was for my daughters birthday and her favourite colours are pink and purple.  The basket had a bit of green woven through it so I introduced green to my girl's favourite colour scheme.

inside basket

This is the inside view.

doll bedding

I quilted 1" squares.  It was so fun.  I knitted a little blanket.  I still haven't tied in the ends yet, a bit slack I know but my daughter doesn't seem to notice.  The little cat on the pillow is an iron on transfer.

  doll bedding spread out

This is all the bedding layed out showing the reverse side of the quilt so she has a choice of purple or the pink side.  The mattress is so soft and is removable.

baby doll in basket

I bought this little doll to go with it all.  The doll has a soft centre but is waterproof so can be put in the bath.  My daughter loved this present so much and it gave me the greatest joy to make.  I loved every second of it!

More creative spaces over at a new place, Our Creative Spaces.  Thanks for keeping this up Kirsty!

Snow White

Snow White for dudqs

This is an update on my little Snow White for the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap .  Just gotta finish the quilting and decide on what binding to use.  I am quite happy with the outcome and it looks way different from what I first thought I would create.

Sneaky Peak

dudqs sneaky peak

I am doing the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap.  I am so excited about it plus it forces me back into sewing which at the moment I am struggling to find time to do.  This is my sneaky peak of the beginnings of the quilt.  My inspiration is the Blythe doll but I have changed the proportions.  I think she looks more like Snow White so I will go down that angle maybe?  I have no set plan I will let the quilt dictate this for me.  It's so fun not knowing what it will end up like.  All I can say is this person loves lots of colour and likes a bit of linen to contrast this. 

second hand basket

This is a second hand basket that I bought online that came with a whole lot of linen but really I was buying it for the basket.  I will fill you in later with what I have done with it.  I just have to take some photo's of the finished project.

Hope you are having a Happy Mother's Day!!!