Pink and Red Baby Quilt

So here it is!  I finally got around to finishing this quilt.  Featuring fairies, butterflies, flowers, stripes, spots, checks and little red riding hood.  All what little girl dream's are made of.

 All I had to do was hand stitch the binding down but it sat round for a month.  It didn't help that I ran out of binding; 20cm's to go!  So a bit of improvisation and .... 

2 different fabrics were used for the binding, one being polka dots and the other checks.  Not ideal but I think it still looks okay.

Originally I started to hand quilt it but as usual I was unhappy with it so I unpicked it all and machine stitched squares and diagonal lines.

I used this beautiful natural linen with pretty red flowers for the backing.  I got it off trade me for a song and I think it originally came from Japan.  I love it so much I will definitely use it for my next quilt creation ( whenever that will be?)

Now I just have to send it off to my wee friend.

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