Little Red Riding Hood

I bought this embroidery pattern from A Little Sweetness
I haven't really done much embroidery before but I just couldn't resist this one.

Now I have been up to some crafty goodness lately. I am combining the embroidery and this fabric to make Emma's Xmas present.

Here is a sneaky peak of what I have done already. I do hope I get it finished because I want to make them all dolls for Xmas as well.
OOhh I have such grand plans!!!!
P.S. Don't forget about my giveaway. Only one day to go!

Bag and Fun

I made this bag for a friends birthday. I Designed the pattern myself. I think it turned out alright. Can you pick the major fault in it. No, I couldn't either until I put it on my shoulders and realised I sewed the straps wrong. After I put a lot of reinforced stitching on top of the shoulder and everything. So I gave it to her and then took it back. I was so impressed with myself that as soon as I got home I got straight into the unpicking and fixed it. Whew!!!!

I forgot to show you the present I did up for Holly. It was suppose to be for Amelia's birthday back in April but I decided to save it for Holly. Though Amelia has claimed it for her own. Go figure.

Here we are having some chocolatey fun of the packet variety (see it hiding in the corner). I rarely make cakes from scratch but someday maybe I will show my kids the old fashioned way... When I can be bothered. I just hate all the clean up afterwards.

Emma showing us how to get more cake batter out of the bowl by using your hands as an utensil.

Amelia giving Holly a helping hand.

This is the first time Holly has been able to get up with the girls on the chairs. She thoroughly enjoyed it but I do hope OSH doesn't witness these photos. It is not the most safest thing for a one year old who can't even walk to stand on the back of the chair. She survived the ordeal without even falling off once.

Another first. Holly on the deck, having a go on the big girl bike. Ohh, she is growing up so fast.
Watch this space. Next post I am going to have a giveaway!

Yoghurt Disaster

Daughters aged 3 and 2 ask if they can have a yoghurt each, I say Yes with out thinking or looking. My 2 year old decides that my 1 year old would like one too. I walk into the kitchen and this is what I find.

Least she's happy you might say but as I'm down on the floor cleaning up with my back turned, little Holly decides to crawl all through the carpet, all while holding my other daughters yoghurt. Lino is one thing but yoghurt on carpet, it aint that much fun!!

Thank You Gift

Well the fashion show was a success and we raised over $3000. I'm quite impressed with that but very, very glad it's all over.

This is a silk cushion with sequins and feathers that I made for the compare of the show to thank her for helping us out for the fundraiser. What a stress it was to make a gift for someone who you don't know. Next time I think I might just stick with the standard flowers. Hope she likes it.

And the back veiw, which I finished off with pearl buttons.

My Baby is One

Sweet Holly Polly turned 1 just a short time ago, well back in October.

She had so much fun stuffing her face with lollies galore.

Here all her friends are having a great time.

The colour theme was pink and silver.

Here I am trying to take a photo of the balloons hanging over head.

The quickest cake I have ever made, decorated in record time before the guests arrived. In fact I was still doing the food when they arrived. A very low key party indeed. It was the day before the fashion parade you see.

Emma giving her little sister a hand at blowing out the candle, looks like Holly Polly is having a go too, aint she clever.

Here she is picking off the flowers before we cut the cake.

Now hoeing into the cake having a glorious time.

Then I looked down by her feet and realised where the rest of her feast went, must of been saving it for a midnight feast(sorry love, you lucked out there).

Having a cuddle with Mummy, now feeling very exhausted after her big day. You would to if you stuffed ya face as much as she did.