Sylvanian Families 7th Bithday Party

It's been awhile, in fact 7 months since I have posted so I have a lot to fill in on.
  This is my daughters 7th birthday party and the theme of course is my 3 girls new love 'The Sylvanian Families'.

Emma really wanted a Pavlova for her birthday cake.  I've always wanted to do a number cake.  I thought this would be my chance to do it and knowing what a simple shape to make is an added bonus.   
  I looked up on the Internet for inspiration but there wasn't much out there. My daughter wanted printable's but there were none to be seen. Everything was done in a real rush. I just plonked a few little animals here and there.  A very simple cake with maximum impact.

Emma's birthday is 10 days before Christmas so that is why all the decorations are up.

As you can see very basic food not much preparation went in to this affair.    The cupcakes look a bit rough and ready because I iced them a few minute before people arrived.  They were gluten free so Emma's best friend could enjoy and not miss out.

I love the expression on her face as she blows out the candles.

I purchased a whole lot of little wine glasses from the second hand shop so the girls could feel like real little ladies.  Only problem was one broke into small little pieces as one girl drank from it.  Thankfully she didn't cut herself.

After all the junk food and party games, it was off to the bathroom to put make-up on!

Pink and Red Baby Quilt

So here it is!  I finally got around to finishing this quilt.  Featuring fairies, butterflies, flowers, stripes, spots, checks and little red riding hood.  All what little girl dream's are made of.

 All I had to do was hand stitch the binding down but it sat round for a month.  It didn't help that I ran out of binding; 20cm's to go!  So a bit of improvisation and .... 

2 different fabrics were used for the binding, one being polka dots and the other checks.  Not ideal but I think it still looks okay.

Originally I started to hand quilt it but as usual I was unhappy with it so I unpicked it all and machine stitched squares and diagonal lines.

I used this beautiful natural linen with pretty red flowers for the backing.  I got it off trade me for a song and I think it originally came from Japan.  I love it so much I will definitely use it for my next quilt creation ( whenever that will be?)

Now I just have to send it off to my wee friend.

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Ooooh I nearly forgot!

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A Lalaloopsy Birthday Party


Lalaloopsy swimming pool cake.
At first we were going to have a pink and purple mermaid party because for many years that was what Amelia wanted to be when she grew up. She also really, really wanted a swimming pool cake. I had all these wonderful idea's. Until...
We all discovered and all fell enormously in love with Lalaloopsy and that's me included. So a couple of weeks before the party, the intense research started and all the idea's came flooding in.

I bought this Baker Doll - Birthday Party Printable Set. from here

The party table layout with the colours pink and purple being prominent, with the table cloth, bow and balloons.

All the straws, cupcake and popcorn cases from Pop Roc Parties.  Also check out her pin boards.  Miles and miles of inspiration there for any party theme you could think of.
I bought 4 packs of lalaloopsy pencil toppers. I cut a striped paper straw in 3. Stuck the pencil topper on top and poked into the cupcake. A very striking results with a mixture of the dolls and their pets.
I won these felt circles a very long time a go from this lovely lady.  Finally I had a chance to use them.  I cut out a bigger circle in a light purple.  I got a tooth pick and glue gunned all together(like a sandwich) to make cupcake topper's.
There was dark pink and yellow striped jelly to match the invitations.  Chocolate afghans, sprinkled with silver balls on an antique silver tray.
Popcorn in pretty floral cups.

A tray of Jaffa's

Chocolate bars with lalaloopsy wrapper, too cute for words!

Soda bottles with lalaloopsy wrapper with pink paper on the inside of wrapper.

Bottles with buttons glued on top.

Little Holly blowing bubbles.

Blowing out the candles.

The beautiful birthday girl who had a real blast.

A bouncy castle filled with friends...

And of course a pink crown pinata.  What more can a little princess ask for!
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More creative spaces here!

A treasure hunting we will go!

Treasure hunting bags hanging on a tree waiting for the guests arrival.

And they are off!

Wait for me!

The Queen Witch's outfit was made by my wonderful Aunty.  She also sent me all the hats.  What a lovely Aunty aye!

Drift wood sticks were used for broomsticks.  They all had a ball of a time flying around on them.

Treasure found!  I placed 6 different baskets filled with all sorts of goodies all around the paddock.

The final part in my Witches birthday party.  I made the girls witches outfits upon arrival.  I had this velvet for a while and had no idea what I was going to do with it.  It was perfect for this.  I just cut out lengths of fabric, cut out a couple of holes, got a strip of fabric and used it as a belt.  A very easy peasy no sew costume!

Meg and Mog Birthday Cake

I love the admiration in the faces that a birthday cake always brings.  Ohh the anticipation of it all, you just want to dive in!

Singing Happy Birthday.

Check out the faces!

Photography by Fiona Andersen

The birthday cake was inspired by my favourite book as a child, Meg and Mog.   My girls love it too but the book is now ripped to pieces.  Emma wants to collect the whole series.  The cake is Mog the Cat.  Note the owl in the background being another one of Meg's' side kicks and I added a meringue mouse in the top right corner to hold the number 6 candle.

I bought a rectangle sponge from the supermarket and cut out the cat shape.  I smothered the cake with melted dark chocolate.  I made stripes with shredded coconut, very quickly before the chocolate dried.  3 white chocolate buttons were used for each eye with the pupil sprinkled with silver balls.  Once it set I moved it to the tray which had pretty fabric placed on the bottom.  The hard chocolate making it sturdy, so very easy to move.  The tail was made out of 2 licorice straps with a bow tied round the middle to hide the join.  I actually glue gunned the two licorice straps together.  Finally I used 6 long tapered candles for the whiskers.