Friday Shopping Trip

This was so much fun. The beginning of 'Sew it Together'. When we got on the bus we were given a 'SIT' bag filled with these goodies, only for the bus girls. All donated by 'The Oz Material Girls' Such a nice surprise!

First stop was at Amitie. Such a beautiful and darling shop that I could spend an eternity in. They had such a glorious array of fabrics Plus they gave us 20% off. Gotta love that! I realized that I have a deep infatuation for spots, almost embarrassing. I also found a simply divine little red riding hood fabric. I am mad about that character at the moment.

Next stop was Patchwork on Central. Such a quaint wee shop loaded with scrumptious Fabrics. I was determined this time that I wouldn't walk out with spots. Once again I found the cutest 'Little Red Riding Hood' this time in blue and very pretty flower fabric. I couldn't pass up this butterfly fabric.

This was my favourite stop, visiting Ink & Spindle studio. I am in awe of these girls and am so honoured that I could meet them in person. They gave us a tour of their studio and showed us a print run. Afterward we had an opportunity to purchase same fabric and it was so hard to decide what to buy. I will be making cushions for the lounge with these fabrics. This is the colour scheme I want to use.
The bus ride was so much fun giving us a good chance to catch up and meet new friends. Lots of laughter filled the bus.

We were then dropped off at Nikki's studio for drinks and nibbles where we could get down to the serious business of talking and laughter. I even learned a new thing or two.

The Big Sewing Day

Sponsors: Ric Rac, Retro Mummy, Thea and Sami, Jacobindi, The Oz Material Girls, Lark, Craft Junk and Snailblazer
Thank you Sheridan for organising this awesome day and awesome event. This is what we turned up to when we arrived through the door. Are the sponsors generous or what and look at that awesome pattern from Jodi. I am definitely making this right after the quilt. I am planning it to be my baby's Christmas present. Oh I am so exited! I just can't wait to get started.

This little hexagon kit was included in the SIT goodie bag from Corrie. Thank you so much Corrie for supplying such sweet fabrics and something to achieve in the day. I will definitely do more of these. They are quite addictive. Corrie showed me step by step instructions personally so I was quite honoured. She truly is the sweetest. She also showed me the Hexagon quilt she is making, totally gorgeous. I can't wait to see the end result on her blog.

A big thank you to Susie who taught me the basics of crochet i.e holding of the hook. It is quite tricky but I am sure with practice it will be a piece of cake. I was a bit lazy, I only did this much. A bit too busy talking( Thea, Abbe, Anna, Juddie, Belinda, Susan, Jo...) and I fitted a wee bit of shopping in.

I bought these buttons from Cleggs. They are quite big, about an inch or more. I am planning on making winter coats for my girls using them. I'm not sure what the silver flower buttons will be used for yet but they have 2 each.

I tell you, you don't get this beautiful selection at our quilt shop. I was in heaven.

The big Prize

Look at this big wonderful prize I won at SIT. Am I not the luckiest girl ever!!!

I couldn't believe my luck. Last week I was thinking I really need to get more robot fabric. I bought bits of this fabric last year because I loved it so much. I don't have any boys but I thought one day you never know. I looked on-line for some more but everyone had sold out. I even looked up a site that showed suggestions on what quilt pattern to use. How spooky is that.

There is 3 metres of robot fabric in itself plus all the gorgeous fabrics to co-ordinate. I tell you I am beaming.

It even came with a pattern. Well its a quilt kit, so obviously the fabrics are for the pattern but I was still surprised when I saw it.

I adore the pattern but I think I will make up another design but use the pattern for other fabric.

I don't know if I am having a boy but this could be a good omen. I've decided to get started on it straight away before the baby is here. Because if I don't I might never get it done.

So thank you, thank you Amitie for offering such a glorious prize!!!

Can you tell I am quite chuffed!

Saturday Night Dinner

As you know I didn't take any photo's of the event but you can see them here. We had a pre drink with some of the girls in the hotel. The lovely Karen gave us a ride to the dinner. That was quite eventful in its self, trying to get a car seat out and then trying to find a park. I hope your car was still there at the end of the night Karen and it didn't get towed because we misinterpreted the sign. Since I was pregnant I got to sit at the front, gotta love those perks!

There was over 50 people spread out on 2 tables so couldn't get to talk/meet everyone. I met the lovely Nic and Pam who sat opposite us. Right next to me was Susie, Lara and Renae.

Pam suggested that I do a tutorial for my flower brooch. So I might just do one in the near future. They are so easy.

I also got to meet the lovely Beck and Kate.

Good fun was had by all and I could only sit by and watch the Pinacolada's be drunk. Oh well maybe next year!

Me New Friends

(Me, Sheridan and Renee)
Can you believe for the whole event I didn't even take one photo so I thought I better take some the day after just to prove to my husband that I actually went.
Renee,Cass, Sheridan and I decided to have a look at the markets which were just under this bridge. They made me take a picture on the bridge by myself, standing there like a Nigel no mates but I refuse to put that one up plus how cheesy is that.

After a quick stint at the markets we decided to get a cupcake or 2 to celebrate Renee's birthday. The wee darling turned a young 28. Here Cass started to sing her Happy Birthday but stopped when I threatened to put her on 'You Tube'. No-one would sing until I put my camera down but I think Sheridan was trying to sneakily record us. She was holding that camera a wee bit too long....

Look at these little beauties. I only had one because I'm not a cupcake fan but these were so delishimo (that's for you Renee) that I could have had 12.

Look at this beautiful cake shop situated in one of the little lanes of Melbourne. There was a quick stop at Myers and a even quicker run back to the Hotel to pick up our bags so Renee and I wouldn't miss the bus to the airport.
Thank-you for such a lovely day girls and for all the laughs. I had a hoot!!!

The Way Home

This is what I knitted on the plane back home. I am too embarrassed to tell you what I was trying to knit. I started knitting just for the sake of it and then half way through thought of a brilliant idea what I could make. It didn't quite work out as planned but I think I know what to do to rectify this. Until then, this project will just have to remain a mystery to you.

Just a note, the bamboo needles given by Donna are a dream to work with. I would highly recommend them if you are starting to learn how to knit.

(Amelia's present)

You would think 3 hours in Sydney airport would be a whole heap of time to shop but I proved myself wrong. I wasted so much time downstairs that I didn't realise about all the great shops upstairs. I was starting to panic because I hadn't bought my girls anything yet from my travels.

(Emma's present)

I found this great shop 'Seed' and bought each of them some girly jewellery, all beautifully wrapped in individual boxes. The plane was running late and I hadn't bought any iconic soft toys yet. I had seen plenty but hadn't decided what I wanted. Time was running late so I decided to use my change and buy a coke. I nearly fell over the price for a small wee coke costing me one for the price of four. The man gave me a wee smirk but I had no time.

All of a sudden I heard my plane was boarding. So I ran to the closest shop all in a fluster, grabbed the iconic Koala and Kangaroo but couldn't decide on the third. I asked the shop assistant what else there was and she pointed me to a Wombat and Platypus. I thought who wants a stinking boring Wombat or worse Platypus. They don't quite cut it compared to the cute Kangaroo and cute, cute Koala.

(Holly's present)

And then I saw him; his wee nose poking out; the adorable Tiger. I am not sure what the Tiger has to do with Australia. Maybe the football team is the Sydney Tiger's or even cooler there are Tiger's walking around in people's back yard. I'm going for the latter.

I didn't get home to Steve's parents till 1:30am and got up to my girls 3 times before Holly woke up at 6:30am. So I am very,very tired and didn't get back home till 4pm the next day.

Once again a big thank you to Sheridan for all her hard work and I hope she has recovered from her big escapade ready for the next one.

Please Help!!!

I have brought this quilt out again. I looked at my quilting and it wasn't as bad as what I thought but still I was not happy with it. So I have unpicked half of it. It is a bit disheartening but I feel it has to be done.

I have a few questions for you quilters out there. I want to make it bigger and was thinking about putting a border around the quilt that has a scalloped edge. I am not sure how you do this or does anyone have any other suggestions e.g a striped border, plain or what?

Another question is about the embroidery. I have a fear that once I wash the quilt the colours from the embroidery will bleed and the quilt will be ruined. Maybe I should take it out and put it in a cushion but I really like it in the quilt. I also didn't -wash fabrics so I pray that they won't run either.

So please help me!!! On another note you must check out this blog. It is oh so pretty and I just adore the colours red and blue. This is where I got the embroidery from.
Tomorrow I'm off to Dunedin Hospital with my daughter to get her tonsils and adenoids out. She is only 3 but fears the hospital so much already. She really doesn't want to go and she doesn't even realise she is having an operation yet. I know there will be lots of tears, probably on both sides!