Please Help!!!

I have brought this quilt out again. I looked at my quilting and it wasn't as bad as what I thought but still I was not happy with it. So I have unpicked half of it. It is a bit disheartening but I feel it has to be done.

I have a few questions for you quilters out there. I want to make it bigger and was thinking about putting a border around the quilt that has a scalloped edge. I am not sure how you do this or does anyone have any other suggestions e.g a striped border, plain or what?

Another question is about the embroidery. I have a fear that once I wash the quilt the colours from the embroidery will bleed and the quilt will be ruined. Maybe I should take it out and put it in a cushion but I really like it in the quilt. I also didn't -wash fabrics so I pray that they won't run either.

So please help me!!! On another note you must check out this blog. It is oh so pretty and I just adore the colours red and blue. This is where I got the embroidery from.
Tomorrow I'm off to Dunedin Hospital with my daughter to get her tonsils and adenoids out. She is only 3 but fears the hospital so much already. She really doesn't want to go and she doesn't even realise she is having an operation yet. I know there will be lots of tears, probably on both sides!


sarah said…
oh your poor little one! hopefully it won't be too bad, and you can give her lots of jelly afterwards!

RE the quilt,.. i think the only think you can do is to give it a wash, otherwise you will never know! the other option is to pull it all apart ... yo u could try put one of those colour catcher sheets in the wash?
Melinda said…
That is the nicest quilt I have ever seen (seriously!). I absolutely adore red and pink and aqua quilts. Sorry, not ideas about the border - I'm not a quilter (yet).

About the tonsils - I know a 3 year old that has just had his out and he was eating McDonalds chips the next morning. His Mum said that it was incredible how well he was after the op - just needed more sleep. Kids are so much more resilient than us adults. I totally understand your freak-out though. My 5 year is going to see a specialist in a couple of weeks and will probably need his out so please let me know how your experience was. Maybe a special nurse or doctor soft toy would help?
One Flew Over said…
I would sash the quilt in a solid, maybe white or something that co-ordinates with the print.

Did you wash your embroidery piece before using it in the quilt? It could bleed but it may be too late to do anything about it.

Don't be down on yourself! It is all a learning experience x
Julie said…
Bring it to Sew It Together and a few of us can have a look for you, its a lovely quit.

If you wash it use COLD salty water and dry it flat. I think there is a product you can use to stop running and staining but I don't know the name of it.

Adding a border shouldn't be a problem. You will just have to unpick the quilting near the edges to make it easier to sew on. It could then be cut into a scallop patter if you wish. I like a narrow inner border next to a wider outer border on quilts. It frames them nicely.
Maria said…
I would maybe go for a plain white border and then bind in a bright fabric picked out from the main quilt. Re washing, I agree with the cold water tip. Fingers crossed.. Hope everything go ok for your daughter..:)
Stitchbird said…
Hi you may have already taken action, but my opinion (for what it's worth) I would wash the quilt top in cold water with tablespoon or two fo salt (this helps to fix the colour). Than rather than hanging it on the line, pop it in the clothes drier, this will stop any bleeding. Don't unpick your embroidery - I am yet to have any embroidery run in the wash and it would be such a shame to lose it. If you decide to go with a border I think white would look stunning. Love the quilt!
Tanya said…
I was thinking bring it to Sew it Together as well, I love it. Not sure about the border, once you have quilted- but someone else will no. You could put a 'colour catcher' into the wash. Hope the op went okay.
Looking forward to meeting you,
Stitchbird said…
Hi Mary Jane I love this quilt design and wanted to know is it a particular block design that has been put together or is it random? I have a stack of fabrics that I have been meaning to make into a quilt for (I won't say how long - too long) but was never to sure what design I wanted to do. Especially as this one is meant for our bed. I need to get cutting and doing and love the design of your quilt. Can you share your quilt's secret?

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