Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

This is a birthday cake I made for a friend of mine, who's little girl was turning 3.  I helped her set up the party table in all it's wonderment.  It was a bright and colourful Alice in Wonderland party.  I didn't take any photo's but she did (She's a professional photographer, so they will look beautiful!).  I will show them to you once I get them but she is a very busy lady at the moment.

 Here's a close up of Alice in a tea cup.  I made the grass out of Fondant icing pushed through a garlic crusher.  I would make lots of wee clumps of grass and then place them around the cake.  I put scrunched up paper towels in the tea cup and put green butter icing on top.  I stuck the figurine down onto this icing and then put clumps of grass around her until she was steady on her feet.

My friend gave me the plastic figurines and I went from there.  I cut out lots of oval leaf shapes.  I let them dry.  I put green butter icing around the whole cake and then I placed these leaf shapes all around the square base.

I placed all the figurines around the cake and then all the clumps of grass around the figurines to fill up the spaces.  I had left over flowers and butterflies that my Aunty had made from my daughters birthday and placed them around the cake.  My friend had made the cute little toadstools.

I would of liked to put some more leaf shapes around the circle cake but I ran out of icing and time of course!

And I made this crown for her as part of her birthday present.

I used this beautiful thick rich red felt with an inner pink felt and a big luminous white flower that I took the centre out and placed a diamante button in the middle.  She looked so sweet wearing it.


Megan said…
what a beautiful cake, love the idea of the tea cup at the top. And love the crown as well! I shared this on my FB page too :)
Stitchbird said…
The cake is amazing - a piece of art. The crown is also beautiful. I am sure you made one little girl's day very special.

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