The Way Home

This is what I knitted on the plane back home. I am too embarrassed to tell you what I was trying to knit. I started knitting just for the sake of it and then half way through thought of a brilliant idea what I could make. It didn't quite work out as planned but I think I know what to do to rectify this. Until then, this project will just have to remain a mystery to you.

Just a note, the bamboo needles given by Donna are a dream to work with. I would highly recommend them if you are starting to learn how to knit.

(Amelia's present)

You would think 3 hours in Sydney airport would be a whole heap of time to shop but I proved myself wrong. I wasted so much time downstairs that I didn't realise about all the great shops upstairs. I was starting to panic because I hadn't bought my girls anything yet from my travels.

(Emma's present)

I found this great shop 'Seed' and bought each of them some girly jewellery, all beautifully wrapped in individual boxes. The plane was running late and I hadn't bought any iconic soft toys yet. I had seen plenty but hadn't decided what I wanted. Time was running late so I decided to use my change and buy a coke. I nearly fell over the price for a small wee coke costing me one for the price of four. The man gave me a wee smirk but I had no time.

All of a sudden I heard my plane was boarding. So I ran to the closest shop all in a fluster, grabbed the iconic Koala and Kangaroo but couldn't decide on the third. I asked the shop assistant what else there was and she pointed me to a Wombat and Platypus. I thought who wants a stinking boring Wombat or worse Platypus. They don't quite cut it compared to the cute Kangaroo and cute, cute Koala.

(Holly's present)

And then I saw him; his wee nose poking out; the adorable Tiger. I am not sure what the Tiger has to do with Australia. Maybe the football team is the Sydney Tiger's or even cooler there are Tiger's walking around in people's back yard. I'm going for the latter.

I didn't get home to Steve's parents till 1:30am and got up to my girls 3 times before Holly woke up at 6:30am. So I am very,very tired and didn't get back home till 4pm the next day.

Once again a big thank you to Sheridan for all her hard work and I hope she has recovered from her big escapade ready for the next one.


Maria said…
Wow, Mary-Jane what a trip you had, the girls jewellery is lovely..

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