Friday Shopping Trip

This was so much fun. The beginning of 'Sew it Together'. When we got on the bus we were given a 'SIT' bag filled with these goodies, only for the bus girls. All donated by 'The Oz Material Girls' Such a nice surprise!

First stop was at Amitie. Such a beautiful and darling shop that I could spend an eternity in. They had such a glorious array of fabrics Plus they gave us 20% off. Gotta love that! I realized that I have a deep infatuation for spots, almost embarrassing. I also found a simply divine little red riding hood fabric. I am mad about that character at the moment.

Next stop was Patchwork on Central. Such a quaint wee shop loaded with scrumptious Fabrics. I was determined this time that I wouldn't walk out with spots. Once again I found the cutest 'Little Red Riding Hood' this time in blue and very pretty flower fabric. I couldn't pass up this butterfly fabric.

This was my favourite stop, visiting Ink & Spindle studio. I am in awe of these girls and am so honoured that I could meet them in person. They gave us a tour of their studio and showed us a print run. Afterward we had an opportunity to purchase same fabric and it was so hard to decide what to buy. I will be making cushions for the lounge with these fabrics. This is the colour scheme I want to use.
The bus ride was so much fun giving us a good chance to catch up and meet new friends. Lots of laughter filled the bus.

We were then dropped off at Nikki's studio for drinks and nibbles where we could get down to the serious business of talking and laughter. I even learned a new thing or two.


Maria said…
I am soo jelous it sounds as though you had a brilliant time..I have just posted about a Quilting Block Bee I am involved in organising, it would be great to get some international members in the group. see what you think ?
Karen said…
You have great taste Mary-Jane! I am a dots and Little Red fan too.
I am sooo jealous - wish I had got to see the printing at Ink and Spindle.
beeware said…
Hi Mary-Jane
What a great weekend we had!! I lurve amitie too :) (and all the others) Lovely to meet you. And yes bring that baby to Sydney!!
ps have you started the robot quilt yet?!
Anonymous said…
Hi Mary-Jane,
Gorgeous fabric, especially the hand printed ones.
Kate xxx
Off The Peg said…
Sounds like you had a thoroughly enjoyable time!
trash said…
It was rather fab fun wasn't it? I am just about recovered now I think.
Polka Dot Daze said…
Oh - stop it - I can't take much more of this :)
When you were told you could have 20% off, did anyone pass out?
Kate said…
Hi Mary Jane, it was so great to meet you, however briefly, at the dinner. I bet your girls were pleased to have you home afterwards. Especially since you brought home such gorgeous treasures with you. I hope you have a great weekend. Love Kate X

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