Me New Friends

(Me, Sheridan and Renee)
Can you believe for the whole event I didn't even take one photo so I thought I better take some the day after just to prove to my husband that I actually went.
Renee,Cass, Sheridan and I decided to have a look at the markets which were just under this bridge. They made me take a picture on the bridge by myself, standing there like a Nigel no mates but I refuse to put that one up plus how cheesy is that.

After a quick stint at the markets we decided to get a cupcake or 2 to celebrate Renee's birthday. The wee darling turned a young 28. Here Cass started to sing her Happy Birthday but stopped when I threatened to put her on 'You Tube'. No-one would sing until I put my camera down but I think Sheridan was trying to sneakily record us. She was holding that camera a wee bit too long....

Look at these little beauties. I only had one because I'm not a cupcake fan but these were so delishimo (that's for you Renee) that I could have had 12.

Look at this beautiful cake shop situated in one of the little lanes of Melbourne. There was a quick stop at Myers and a even quicker run back to the Hotel to pick up our bags so Renee and I wouldn't miss the bus to the airport.
Thank-you for such a lovely day girls and for all the laughs. I had a hoot!!!


Polka Dot Daze said…
It sounds fabulous! I don't need to tell you how jealous I am.
Maria said…
Those cakes look fantastic..
Cass said…
Gee thanks for posting that great photo of me!
Well, don't you ladies look like you had lots of fun. I adore those cupcakes (from Little Cupcakes?). Red velvet is yum!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting such flattering photos of this 'wee darling' on her birthday! You're such a munter!!! (JK) And yes, those cupcakes were delishimo! I had so much fun hanging out with you MJ, even if I called you the wrong name half the time. Make sure you bring that baby to Sydney next March! Renae

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