The big Prize

Look at this big wonderful prize I won at SIT. Am I not the luckiest girl ever!!!

I couldn't believe my luck. Last week I was thinking I really need to get more robot fabric. I bought bits of this fabric last year because I loved it so much. I don't have any boys but I thought one day you never know. I looked on-line for some more but everyone had sold out. I even looked up a site that showed suggestions on what quilt pattern to use. How spooky is that.

There is 3 metres of robot fabric in itself plus all the gorgeous fabrics to co-ordinate. I tell you I am beaming.

It even came with a pattern. Well its a quilt kit, so obviously the fabrics are for the pattern but I was still surprised when I saw it.

I adore the pattern but I think I will make up another design but use the pattern for other fabric.

I don't know if I am having a boy but this could be a good omen. I've decided to get started on it straight away before the baby is here. Because if I don't I might never get it done.

So thank you, thank you Amitie for offering such a glorious prize!!!

Can you tell I am quite chuffed!


Little Eve said…
Hi Mary Jane,
You're very lucky to have won this! Have fun creating your new quilt. You have to wonder if you're going to have a boy?
Maria said…
Wow !, Mary Jane what a prize ! I really like that range of robot fabric but the shop where I shop is always out of stock !..
Liam's Mummy said…
I think you got the coolest prize of them all! Lucky girl!
Karen said…
You must have been one of the first names drawn out Mary-Jane - there were a few people keen to get this prize - it's a ripper. Well done to you.
Juddie said…
Hey Mary-Jane,
It was lovely to meet you at SIT, and I feel doubly inspired now, looking at all the beautiful things you've made! Hope we can catch up again some time in the future, if not in person, then definitely via the ethernet :-)
xx Juddie
Now I see where the kit has landed, glad you like the pattern. I originally made it up in a vintage circus print and it still sits on my son, Julian's bed. I shall see if I can find a photo. Look forward to seeing it in other fabrics.

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