A treasure hunting we will go!

Treasure hunting bags hanging on a tree waiting for the guests arrival.

And they are off!

Wait for me!

The Queen Witch's outfit was made by my wonderful Aunty.  She also sent me all the hats.  What a lovely Aunty aye!

Drift wood sticks were used for broomsticks.  They all had a ball of a time flying around on them.

Treasure found!  I placed 6 different baskets filled with all sorts of goodies all around the paddock.

The final part in my Witches birthday party.  I made the girls witches outfits upon arrival.  I had this velvet for a while and had no idea what I was going to do with it.  It was perfect for this.  I just cut out lengths of fabric, cut out a couple of holes, got a strip of fabric and used it as a belt.  A very easy peasy no sew costume!


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