Yoghurt Disaster

Daughters aged 3 and 2 ask if they can have a yoghurt each, I say Yes with out thinking or looking. My 2 year old decides that my 1 year old would like one too. I walk into the kitchen and this is what I find.

Least she's happy you might say but as I'm down on the floor cleaning up with my back turned, little Holly decides to crawl all through the carpet, all while holding my other daughters yoghurt. Lino is one thing but yoghurt on carpet, it aint that much fun!!


Jenny said…
aaawww! she looks like she is having a ball!! (love the cupie hair, I used to put my girls up like that - so cute!)
ewwww! And yoghurt gets smelly too! She does look very pleased with herself hehe xox
gret said…
Ah, but think of what she is learning about food by enjoying it and having fun with it. Cute picture!
sarah said…
oh how upsetting! but look how cute! you can never stay upset too long, right!
Oh that is just not much fun! I am so glad I'm over that stage. They just don't care if it goes over their jumper sleeves - I don't get it!

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