My Baby is One

Sweet Holly Polly turned 1 just a short time ago, well back in October.

She had so much fun stuffing her face with lollies galore.

Here all her friends are having a great time.

The colour theme was pink and silver.

Here I am trying to take a photo of the balloons hanging over head.

The quickest cake I have ever made, decorated in record time before the guests arrived. In fact I was still doing the food when they arrived. A very low key party indeed. It was the day before the fashion parade you see.

Emma giving her little sister a hand at blowing out the candle, looks like Holly Polly is having a go too, aint she clever.

Here she is picking off the flowers before we cut the cake.

Now hoeing into the cake having a glorious time.

Then I looked down by her feet and realised where the rest of her feast went, must of been saving it for a midnight feast(sorry love, you lucked out there).

Having a cuddle with Mummy, now feeling very exhausted after her big day. You would to if you stuffed ya face as much as she did.


Happy Birthday Sweet Holly Polly! What a wonderful cake!! How on earth did you manage to fit it all in?!?! Super mummy me thinks ;)
sarah said…
so cute! the cake is great for being just a chuck it together cake!
Jenny said…
Happy birthday sweet little one! Everything looks wonderful, funny how the older you get the more you looove children's party food - well I do anyway ;)! I love the colours, and her dress is perfect!
What a sweet party! Wow your baby is growing up so fast. I love your whip up cake, looks like you spent hours on it. You sure you didn't?

We have had those kitten serviettes at one of our parties as well. They are the cutest? Lovely food you have arranged too. Great party.

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