Thank You Gift

Well the fashion show was a success and we raised over $3000. I'm quite impressed with that but very, very glad it's all over.

This is a silk cushion with sequins and feathers that I made for the compare of the show to thank her for helping us out for the fundraiser. What a stress it was to make a gift for someone who you don't know. Next time I think I might just stick with the standard flowers. Hope she likes it.

And the back veiw, which I finished off with pearl buttons.


Well what would want? Some flowers someone else has grown and arranged or something made with care, time and thought? I know what I pick. And that very scrumptions cushion would be a wonderful gift. Clever you!
One Flew Over said…
A stunning pillow, glad the show was a hit.
Mari said…
Who would not like that?! It's gorgeous. And I agree with Glad you had a great time and it was a success.

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