Bag and Fun

I made this bag for a friends birthday. I Designed the pattern myself. I think it turned out alright. Can you pick the major fault in it. No, I couldn't either until I put it on my shoulders and realised I sewed the straps wrong. After I put a lot of reinforced stitching on top of the shoulder and everything. So I gave it to her and then took it back. I was so impressed with myself that as soon as I got home I got straight into the unpicking and fixed it. Whew!!!!

I forgot to show you the present I did up for Holly. It was suppose to be for Amelia's birthday back in April but I decided to save it for Holly. Though Amelia has claimed it for her own. Go figure.

Here we are having some chocolatey fun of the packet variety (see it hiding in the corner). I rarely make cakes from scratch but someday maybe I will show my kids the old fashioned way... When I can be bothered. I just hate all the clean up afterwards.

Emma showing us how to get more cake batter out of the bowl by using your hands as an utensil.

Amelia giving Holly a helping hand.

This is the first time Holly has been able to get up with the girls on the chairs. She thoroughly enjoyed it but I do hope OSH doesn't witness these photos. It is not the most safest thing for a one year old who can't even walk to stand on the back of the chair. She survived the ordeal without even falling off once.

Another first. Holly on the deck, having a go on the big girl bike. Ohh, she is growing up so fast.
Watch this space. Next post I am going to have a giveaway!


sarah said…
such a cute photo on the chair! a chocoholic already!
Kenziepoo said…
Very cute blog!! Like the bag! :)
Mari said…
I was going to comment on how freakin cute that horse is...amazing job, well done, But then your chocolatey mushy moosh mini's completely stole the show! How freakin cute is this post!

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