My Creative Space: My basket Surprise!

doll's bed

Well, this is the result of that basket I had bought second hand.  It was for my daughters birthday and her favourite colours are pink and purple.  The basket had a bit of green woven through it so I introduced green to my girl's favourite colour scheme.

inside basket

This is the inside view.

doll bedding

I quilted 1" squares.  It was so fun.  I knitted a little blanket.  I still haven't tied in the ends yet, a bit slack I know but my daughter doesn't seem to notice.  The little cat on the pillow is an iron on transfer.

  doll bedding spread out

This is all the bedding layed out showing the reverse side of the quilt so she has a choice of purple or the pink side.  The mattress is so soft and is removable.

baby doll in basket

I bought this little doll to go with it all.  The doll has a soft centre but is waterproof so can be put in the bath.  My daughter loved this present so much and it gave me the greatest joy to make.  I loved every second of it!

More creative spaces over at a new place, Our Creative Spaces.  Thanks for keeping this up Kirsty!


Polka Dot Daze said…
Georgeous! Very inspiring. Although not sure how much fun 1" squares are? I am way to lazy for that.
Fay said…
So cute! Love it.
Maria said…
What a perfct present mj, and to be able to bath the doll too makes it all the better x
karlyn Jackson said…
Such a gorgeous gift, every little girl would adore this. I'm on the look out for old baskets at Vinnies now.
Donna said…
THat is a fantastic present. Awesome Job.
Awww they are so pretty!

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