Sneaky Peak

dudqs sneaky peak

I am doing the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap.  I am so excited about it plus it forces me back into sewing which at the moment I am struggling to find time to do.  This is my sneaky peak of the beginnings of the quilt.  My inspiration is the Blythe doll but I have changed the proportions.  I think she looks more like Snow White so I will go down that angle maybe?  I have no set plan I will let the quilt dictate this for me.  It's so fun not knowing what it will end up like.  All I can say is this person loves lots of colour and likes a bit of linen to contrast this. 

second hand basket

This is a second hand basket that I bought online that came with a whole lot of linen but really I was buying it for the basket.  I will fill you in later with what I have done with it.  I just have to take some photo's of the finished project.

Hope you are having a Happy Mother's Day!!!


m.e (Cathie) said…
love the beginnings of your quilt & that basket!

enjoy your mamas day ♥
Sewhappy said…
I love your doll quilt, when I saw it I straight away thought oh it looks like Blythe. I love baskets and this is a real beauty.
Mary-Jane I have glimpsed a few of these doll quilts via my friends at Amitie and I must say the standard is dauntingly high, yours is so sweet.

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