The Big Birthday Party

Pink, white and red birthday party

Well this is the update from the last post. This was my daughters birthday party and we decided to go for the theme of red, white and pink. She loves her quilt that I made her, though it hasn't been quilted yet (She keeps on asking for it, the poor thing) Well I did quilt it and then I unpicked it all and am now thinking of getting it done professionally.

random quilt, pink and red

But anyway, since this quilt she has decided her favourite colours are red and pink. So I am quite chuffed with that.

So off I went to find all the party accessories like the balloons, lanterns, table cloth e.t.c. It was a real family effort my two Aunties helped greatly towards the preparations, along with Monique and her crew from the restaurant. I won't give too many details away yet until the book comes out, which should be October (a great idea for a christmas present) so until then here is a couple of photo's from the party.

Just me and my red ballon

You can buy this dress here.

Oh look up high

I would just like to say my husband took all these photo's. I was busy feeding my son who was only a few weeks old at the time. Didn't he do an awesome job. I was really impressed coming from a macho dairy farmer!

white tulle and a red and white polka dot ballon

I adore this one he took of one of the party goers.

blow out the candles

And last but not least, one of the birthday girl blowing out the candles. The cake was decorated by me but the butterflies and flowers were made by my ultra talented Aunty.


Jen said…
What a gorgeous setting! I love the polka dot balloons and the cake is divine.
But I especially loooove that quilt!
Camille said…
What a gorgeous party and beautiful little girl. Nice work on both! ;-)
Maria said…
Wow 1 it all looks amazing...
tasha said…
amazing party!! how adorable your little girl is and i love the embroidery in the quilt. the quilt is just beautiful....and that cake...everything. thanks for sharing!! :)
Polka Dot Daze said…
The party looks amazing. I love the colour scheme.

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