Sylvanian Families 7th Bithday Party

It's been awhile, in fact 7 months since I have posted so I have a lot to fill in on.
  This is my daughters 7th birthday party and the theme of course is my 3 girls new love 'The Sylvanian Families'.

Emma really wanted a Pavlova for her birthday cake.  I've always wanted to do a number cake.  I thought this would be my chance to do it and knowing what a simple shape to make is an added bonus.   
  I looked up on the Internet for inspiration but there wasn't much out there. My daughter wanted printable's but there were none to be seen. Everything was done in a real rush. I just plonked a few little animals here and there.  A very simple cake with maximum impact.

Emma's birthday is 10 days before Christmas so that is why all the decorations are up.

As you can see very basic food not much preparation went in to this affair.    The cupcakes look a bit rough and ready because I iced them a few minute before people arrived.  They were gluten free so Emma's best friend could enjoy and not miss out.

I love the expression on her face as she blows out the candles.

I purchased a whole lot of little wine glasses from the second hand shop so the girls could feel like real little ladies.  Only problem was one broke into small little pieces as one girl drank from it.  Thankfully she didn't cut herself.

After all the junk food and party games, it was off to the bathroom to put make-up on!