Our Christmas Holiday

Just a few shots of our holiday. WARNING!! quite a few shots!!
Here we are waiting to get on the ferry.

Amelia showing us a good hair day.

2nd night there Steve and I out with some of my long lost friends I hadn't seen for such a long time. Had a marvelous night by the way!

Next day Auntie Mary and my girls got all dressed up to bake a gingerbread house.

I will have to probably continue this tradition from now on.

They all had so much fun.

Even Daddy was so proud of them.

Later on that day Emma and Amelia had a shot at becoming TV Stars. Hmm....not quite sure of the results of that one? You should of seen the show ponies after them. Talk about full of energy!

Later that night we all went to a special Christmas house with great Auntie Mary and Great Auntie Fifi (and gee they sure are great!!!).

It was all lit up and beautifully decorated. The girls all went in there pyjamas.

The only family Christmas photo we got. Gee I think I will have to frame this one....not!
Least Amelia is looking like she is proud to belong to our family.

The next day we headed off to Napier to catch up with old friends of mine who had come back from London. Auntie Mary had packed the girls a lunch in brand new Santa Claus lunch boxes. They were as proud as punch about them.

That night the girls all had a spa bubble bath in the hotel. Man, Holly thought it was a diving pool and actually enjoyed half drowning. As she threw herself in for more.

This is Christmas Eve, carrying on the same tradition as I did when we were little. Auntie Mary read them 'The Night Before Christmas'.

We lit the gingerbread house which we had finished decorating that morning.

OOhh the half sucked lollies that went on that thing ( lets say the adults were not interested in tasting any of it!!)

Another new tradition that has started. We planted peppermint seeds(lollies) in a special pot.

Here we have the snacks and wine left out for Santa. I must say Santa has got a bit more sophisticated in his old age. When I was a child we left out a pie and a beer and if you were lucky maybe a token carrot for Rudolf but now he wants truffles, raspberries, strawberries and Wine!!!
It was all finished in the morning and Amelia kept saying "Naughty Santa, he's eaten up all the raspberries". You see she was spying them for herself and just couldn't believe the nerve that he didn't save any for her!!!

OOhh the presents and the Stockings, which I might add were put out at 2am by Santa. Very busy lad indeed.

Christmas morning we had breakfast at Auntie Mary's. Here Amelia is making up for the fact that Santa didn't leave any raspberries and making sure she gets the last drop from her bowl. She sure is a hungry girl for such a wee thing.

Oh alas the discovery of the seeds which turned into peppermint canes surrounded by snow(fake of course, where the heck am I going to find this stuff for next year?;0) )
Auntie Fifi guides them to the find.

We then fed Auntie Mary's new chickens that hadn't layed an egg yet. She was hoping to surprise everyone on the day with fresh home grown eggs. I think the surprise will actually be when they lay one egg. As of yet it hasn't happened.

We had Christmas dinner at Auntie Fifi's. She dressed up as a Christmas pudding. An outfit she had made herself but sadly I didn't get a photo. This is a sample of the dessert table. I put on 2 kilos while away!

Once again trying to get a good shot of the family around the tree. They just didn't want to participate, this was the best shot of all the cousins.

So there you have it. I'd be impressed if you made it this far. Next post I will fill you in on the gifts.
Happy new year everyone. I hope you have a good one!!!

Signing Off

Here lies the quilt that I have stuffed up. Happy how the embroidery turned out and am very pleased with the quilt top. But in my mad rush to get the quilt done for Emma's birthday, I did a truly shocking job with the quilting. Please, please don't look to close!! So I am going to unpick it all in the new year and start from fresh. In fact I am going to make it slightly wider and get it professionally quilted.
Because as you know if you're not happy with it in the beginning you are never gonna be happy with it!

Well today we head off to the North Island back to my home town Wellington for Christmas. It's been 5 years since the last Christmas at home. Amazing how time fly's. So, so excited!! The Aunty's have great plans for the kids. It is going to be a very special trip.
So on this last note I would like to say thank you for all your lovely comments and support this last year. To think that at the beginning of the year I didn't even know what a blog was. Crazy I know!!
Its been lovely meeting you my bloggy friends and I can't wait to next year where I make it over the ditch to meet some of you in person(Wow wee!)
Merry, Merry Christmas to you all!!!!!!!!!!!

And Now She is 4!

Align Center
(ballerina gingerbread girl started at 9pm the night before)

Here she is, probably not the best photo but this was the best one I could use to showcase her dress! Of course I made this very last minute. In fact I hemmed it before we left and quickly sewed the buttons on while she was standing there. She was freaking out and saying"don't prick me mum!" (As if I would;) ) When we got home I had to unpick one button so she could get it off over her head.
Emma chose the fabric and I was quite thrilled with the outcome. I adore this fabric it is a pink and black tweed wool with a black flocked velvet swirl pattern. Only thing is she asked for small buttons but I couldn't resist these ones just inherited from a great aunt!

I made party favours for the first time ever. One bag with lollies and the other with little girls make-up for the girls to take home. They did look quite pretty sitting on the table. We had the party at my close friends restaurant. Very easy!

Here Emma is receiving a handmade card form her best friend Summer and is very proud of her handiwork. I thing I can see some future crafter's here;)

After the candles were blown out they all dug in and had great joy in dismantling the cake.

All the party girls having fun at the top of the flying fox but none of them were actually brave enough to go on it. So go figure why they all clamored up there just to climb down again.

This is such an awesome carousel that us mums had to put in all the hard work to make it go round.

Here Amelia is looking a bit worse for wear with chocolate cupcake dribbled down her party attire.

And of course the girls being girls and freaking out that there was a dead bird down the bottom of the slide. Thank god one mum was there to save the day and removed it. Shikes you didn't think I was going to touch that damn thing. I was with the girls on this one!!!

This Year's Xmas Decorations

Each year I choose a decoration for each of my girls. I get them gift wrapped so it is a wee surprise for them.

This one is Amelia's in the softest beige.

Here is wee Holly's in a gorgeous pink. But ohh the disappointment when we unwrapped it, its wee arm was broken in 2 places. I have glued it back together but still feel a bit peeved.

Emma's one is in a beautiful grey.
The girls all loved them!

Here they are, looking quite chuffed when I presented them with their wee presents.