And Now She is 4!

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(ballerina gingerbread girl started at 9pm the night before)

Here she is, probably not the best photo but this was the best one I could use to showcase her dress! Of course I made this very last minute. In fact I hemmed it before we left and quickly sewed the buttons on while she was standing there. She was freaking out and saying"don't prick me mum!" (As if I would;) ) When we got home I had to unpick one button so she could get it off over her head.
Emma chose the fabric and I was quite thrilled with the outcome. I adore this fabric it is a pink and black tweed wool with a black flocked velvet swirl pattern. Only thing is she asked for small buttons but I couldn't resist these ones just inherited from a great aunt!

I made party favours for the first time ever. One bag with lollies and the other with little girls make-up for the girls to take home. They did look quite pretty sitting on the table. We had the party at my close friends restaurant. Very easy!

Here Emma is receiving a handmade card form her best friend Summer and is very proud of her handiwork. I thing I can see some future crafter's here;)

After the candles were blown out they all dug in and had great joy in dismantling the cake.

All the party girls having fun at the top of the flying fox but none of them were actually brave enough to go on it. So go figure why they all clamored up there just to climb down again.

This is such an awesome carousel that us mums had to put in all the hard work to make it go round.

Here Amelia is looking a bit worse for wear with chocolate cupcake dribbled down her party attire.

And of course the girls being girls and freaking out that there was a dead bird down the bottom of the slide. Thank god one mum was there to save the day and removed it. Shikes you didn't think I was going to touch that damn thing. I was with the girls on this one!!!


Raewyn said…
I love that cake! What a brilliant idea. Looks like they all had a great time!
Corrie said…
oh everything looks pretty and pink and perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done!

Polka Dot Daze said…
Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl! It all looks great, that cake is so cute. Your dress sounds like something I would do, but I think those buttons definately make it.
sarah said…
so gorgous! i LOVE the dress, esp the buttons, good choice and also a nice antidote to all the pink out there! what a fun gingerlady too!
Mari said…
Happy Belated Birthday Emma! What a gorgeous Day! The Dress, The Cake, The favours, and of course the most gorgeous of all, the Birthday Girl herself.
Okay....could have done without the dead bird, but sounds like it didn't spoil any of the fun!

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