Introducing Herman!

Oh no, look what I have done. I've given my sweet little darling a bowl haircut well not quite but I have given her steps on the side of her head. She looks absolutely ridiculous and now she looks like a boy. When my husband saw her he laughed and now has started calling her Harry.

I reckon she looks more like a Herman; Herman monster that is. That is the best description of her haircut and I must say she looks much worse in person than in these photos!
She had 2 dreadlocks that were getting bigger day by day at the back of her head so I thought I would attack them with the scissors. But no did I stop there, no I just kept on attacking and this is the end result. Please just keep me away from those scissors!

Every one thinks I did it so Steve could get his boy, well at the moment she does look like a boy. Thank god it is hat weather because I think she will be wearing one inside and out for awhile.
I also have gotten my hair completely chopped off but my hair looks more respectablethan Herman's.
I have a truth to admit, my profile photo is a fraud. That photo was taken 4 years ago when we got married before having children. I must say I look a lot more hagged now I have had 3 kids. It was not intentional but I really don't have any recent photos of me. I hate getting my photo taken and I am the one usually taking the photos. All the ones Ive got are of me in my pyjama's or straight after giving birth. Lets say you wont want to see them.
So that's what I will work on shortly is to get a new photo but for now its Murray-James and Herman signing off ( that's my new nick name, Mary-Jane translates to Murray-James the masculine derivative)

Little owl kidlet for Blake

This is my version of a kidlet by J Casa handmade
Our good friend Blake is turning 5 and I had no idea what to make him. Hes a hard one because hes not a boy's boy and he is a really fussy dresser. I know his ultimate present in the whole wide world would be a big frilly yellow dress but his parents would kill me if I presented him with that one. So I found this idea and ran with it.

The idea is for him to put his reading books from school in them each night or put his treasures in.
I thought the cooking book would suit him cause he loves to cook either real or pretend, especially since his sister has a beautiful wooden oven. It also goes with the theme of the aprons I made for his sister and brother.

He's having an afternoon tea today and tomorrow we are all going down to Dunedin to visit Moanna Pool. Hope I don't have to grace every one's presence in togs cause that shock is way too much I can handle!!!


This morning I was having a bath with my baby Holly. While I was stepping out of the bath in all my glory, I look up and my daughter Emma says " Mummy can I take a photo of you". "No way" I said. "Well can I take a photo of the bath" as she is holding the camera right over the bath filled with water, an accident just waiting to happen. I grab the camera as it falls to the ground. Luckily no harm was done to the camera or me for that matter!

So to save you from that image I thought I would put one in of my little Holly. She is nearly 7 months now, it has gone so fast and she has just started to do the commando crawl.


Here's my little angel, you wouldn't think butter would melt in her mouth. You can imagine my surprise when I walked into the room and she was ironing my brand new cutting mat using my good iron. I was absolutely gutted! It is totally ruined and just to add more salt to the injury she was cutting into my fabrics.
But at least she didn't burn herself or the house down.

Then I thought I would download some photos I found that she had taken 60 photos. They were mostly of her feet and the TV.
I just love it when she leaves her grubby finger prints all over the camera lens.