Introducing Herman!

Oh no, look what I have done. I've given my sweet little darling a bowl haircut well not quite but I have given her steps on the side of her head. She looks absolutely ridiculous and now she looks like a boy. When my husband saw her he laughed and now has started calling her Harry.

I reckon she looks more like a Herman; Herman monster that is. That is the best description of her haircut and I must say she looks much worse in person than in these photos!
She had 2 dreadlocks that were getting bigger day by day at the back of her head so I thought I would attack them with the scissors. But no did I stop there, no I just kept on attacking and this is the end result. Please just keep me away from those scissors!

Every one thinks I did it so Steve could get his boy, well at the moment she does look like a boy. Thank god it is hat weather because I think she will be wearing one inside and out for awhile.
I also have gotten my hair completely chopped off but my hair looks more respectablethan Herman's.
I have a truth to admit, my profile photo is a fraud. That photo was taken 4 years ago when we got married before having children. I must say I look a lot more hagged now I have had 3 kids. It was not intentional but I really don't have any recent photos of me. I hate getting my photo taken and I am the one usually taking the photos. All the ones Ive got are of me in my pyjama's or straight after giving birth. Lets say you wont want to see them.
So that's what I will work on shortly is to get a new photo but for now its Murray-James and Herman signing off ( that's my new nick name, Mary-Jane translates to Murray-James the masculine derivative)


Ellieboo said…
That's hilarious - you know we have all done it, so dont feel too bad and yes it does grow. I cut my Ellie's fringe so badly last time that I refuse to cut it this time but she wont keep her hair clips in so she basically cannot see where she is going!!!

So my choice is Herman or a child that bumps into furniture - hmmmmm
One Flew Over said…
Hee hee hee - hysterical! And she does not look like a could she with those blue eyes!
Jenny said…
awww, she is still completely adorable!! and way too pretty to be mistaken for a boy!, but I do love the name Herman, it is so.... retro!
Katie said…
SO funny! At least she's still little. A lot of girls her age don't have anymore hair than that. I second the rare find of a photo of myself. I'm usually the one behind the camera. My kids are going to think I didn't exist looking back through their albums...I need to work on that :).

Thanks for your comment on my doll. It was fun to make! I desperately need to improve my embroidery skills however. I received the book I ordered. I'm ready to start practicing :). Have a wonderful weekend!
She's absolutely beautiful, and still looks very girly with her new haircut!

She still has a lot more hair than Lacey too. :P
Bird Bath said…
you are too funny :)
But I know what you mean about the perils of cutting kid's hair. I know that once I start - it gets hard to know when to stop.
Mark said…
LOL I did the same thing to my eldest when she was 2, except much much worse, I had to take her to the hairdressers, it was so embarrassing!
I also hear you on the photo of yourself thing, most of the photos around of me are in my pj's, with bed hair and just foul, though I think there is one of me on the camera waiting to be uploaded..... maybe one day I'll have something decent enough to use as a profile pic!
Gail :) said…
She is adorable. I love the top she is wearing too!
Laura said…
I love that first picture! She's so cute! And I think the bowl cut is better then a mullet.
Serena said…
Oh, she's so cute! She looks like a girl! My step-sister was bald until she was three, and any hair is better than no hair! ;)

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one fighting dreads on her little girl's head. It's a difficult battle.

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