This morning I was having a bath with my baby Holly. While I was stepping out of the bath in all my glory, I look up and my daughter Emma says " Mummy can I take a photo of you". "No way" I said. "Well can I take a photo of the bath" as she is holding the camera right over the bath filled with water, an accident just waiting to happen. I grab the camera as it falls to the ground. Luckily no harm was done to the camera or me for that matter!

So to save you from that image I thought I would put one in of my little Holly. She is nearly 7 months now, it has gone so fast and she has just started to do the commando crawl.


One Flew Over said…
Look at those eyes! What a sweet heart!
Kate said…
She is gorgeous. Glad the camera is ok!
Annette W. said…
Beautiful baby! Evan was born Oct. 25. :)

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