Haircut, Cake and Ooopps

Here is Emma sporting her new haircut. Her hair was really long and now I'm saving the remnants for a wig. She looks so grown up now.

Emma went to her friends 4th birthday party. Here is a snapshot of the beautiful cake they made. Her mum just had a baby a few days before and she still threw a party. What an awesome mum or what! Anna and I met at ante-natal classes so it is so sweet to see these two grow up together.
On a separate note, I started writing up the dress tutorial and was just about finishing up. It was then that blogger started playing up. So when I woke up this morning to finish it off, shock horror and a few bad words afterwards I had lost half of it. I just wanted to cry so bare with me I will get it posted soon.
Any ideas for a name for the dress?

Mother Know's Best

"Don't stick that up your nose! It will get stuck and I will have to take you to the doctors to get it out. Did you get it out?"

One week later. "what's that smell? Eeww it's something quite awful"
I scrubbed and scrubbed this one's teeth...

And then one morning it had dawned on me. Could it be......No way... but maybe.... could it be that little ball!
"Emma, did you get that ball out of your nose"
"Umm, yes"(giggle, giggle)
There was just no way of getting the truth from her. She was just deny, deny, deny!!!
So a little trip to the doctors was called for and yes that little ball was stuck up her nose. All this time I thought she had had a runny nose but sorry folks it was pus and there was plenty of it.
She was so good at the doctors. He had this big lollie jar and she was promised one when he had finished his procedure.
He pulled that thing out with his pliers, it was stripped of its original colour and completely covered in pus. It had the most putrid smell. It took all my might not to throw up on the spot.
Her nose bled a wee bit but she recovered pretty quickly.
Emma got her lollie and then my 2 1/2 year old Amelia proceeded to sit on my knee and said "my turn next!"
Gee, that girl would do anything for food, even to have a pair of pliers put up her nose!.

The next day I decided to take these 2 rascals to the movies. Emma really wanted to see 'The princess and the Frog'

So off we went. I was so proud as punch of these 2. I plied them with popcorn, lollies and a bottle of water. I sitting in the middle and each of my 2 little Angels sitting either side of me. I thought this is why I became a mother because of nice moments like these.

But my picture of bliss was going to be interupted. After an hour Emma ran out of popcorn and wanted more treats.

And this one got a little restless, started climbing all over the chairs and ran up and down the aisles. She called on her bigger sister Emma to join in with her shenanigans by doing somersaults in front of the screen. Emma finally decided to come back to me. I told her off for the tenth time while Amelia was still doing her circus act in front of the screen.

Emma points to Amelia "Look Mum, Amelia is taking her pants off!"

I jump over the obstacle course of the chairs, run down the aisle when I hear those fated words "I've done poooo's" All the while she has completely taken off her knickers and doing cartwheels in all her glory right in front of the movie screen.

I scramble to my knee's, try my best interpretation of a commando crawl, grab her, check if there were any Poo's, (phew, false alarm) put her jacket on so to cover her, pick up her wet pants, grab the other one and as quick as a flash get out of there.

Maybe this time mother doesn't know best and swore to never take them to the movies again!

Maybe I should of left her at home in this state instead. (insert of her after Emma's birthday)

Now I will have to get the DVD to see what happens at the end. Bugger them I was really enjoying that movie! ;0)

My Beautiful Family Heirloom

Is she not beautiful or what! Handmade by my very own Nana. The one I inherited my craftiness from;0)
There is a story behind this special gem. My Nana went through a short period of her life when she made porcelain dolls. She was quite obsessed with them at the time focusing on all the details like costume and the like. My Nana has 3 daughters and she made a doll for each of them.
In fact my Aunty's ones she made wigs using their very own hair which she kept from when they were young. Unfortunately my mother didn't have her own hair because Nana liked to keep her hair short. My mother had Shirley Temple curls when she was little.

Any how this doll was meant for my mother but she died before my Nana. So my Nana could not give it to her. So it was kept for me. I stayed at my Nana's a lot and this doll was kept in the spare room. I always admired her and she really does remind me of a piece of home. If there was a fire I would save her before any other possessions. She's that special.

So when my Nana died she was gifted to me. My mum was the oldest and in turn I am the oldest daughter so when I die I will give it to my oldest daughter and so the tradition will begin always going to the oldest .

My Nana was the most amazing craftswoman. Her workmanship was of an outstanding quality. Though she could always find fault and doubted her ability. Throughout this blog I would like to showcase some of her work. I have already shown this one.

Up until now I hadn't taken off her jacket so it was nice to see what was hiding underneath. The Jacket is a bit of a dust collector so it needs a gentle wash and her hair needs tidying but we don't want to rush these things.
But the story still goes on... Since for such a long time I have always like to do what she did and make dolls for my children using their own hair. I am just about ready to cut Emma's hair short so I can save her hair for a wig. I am really lucky cause both her and Holly's hair grows really quick and they have lots of it. Amelia on the other hand, her hair grows a lot slower, is starting to curl up and is also so fine. It is going to take forever to get a wig from her hair.
But don't think I am going to start this adventure anytime soon. Oh no I have images of doing this when I am in retirement.
Another huge inspiration for me at the moment concerning porcelain dolls is this woman, 'Black Eyed Suzie' My god when I first saw these dolls I thought I had died and gone to heaven. They are absolutely exquisite and to die for. My goal in life is to own one of these beauties. She gives a exact time when she will sell them on her Etsy store and poof they are gone before you know it. You literally have to sit and watch the clock.
So one day, maybe...

The Christmas Dolls

This is a doll in her knicker bocker glory fitted with her silk knickers. The first dolls that I have designed and made myself. The concept behind these dolls is to celebrate each girls personal history.
Each doll has the girls birth date embroidered on her heart and then her name embroidered down the leg.

The doll's outfit is made from an outfit that was a piece of clothing they wore when they were a baby. So a bit of a keepsake.
What inspired me to create these dolls is after seeing all the beautiful dolls that Kristina makes from tiny concepts. I thought "Yes I want one of those" and one of these days I will but for now I thought I will try my own style. So came up with this idea and went for it. See for yourself, her dolls are truly beautiful. Other doll makers that I inspired me also is Black Eyed Suzie and Jess Brown.

Here is Amelia's. This was originally a baby bonnet that I had knitted for her when she was first born. I then put it together with a bit of lace that I bought before Christmas. When I was away I found these glorious little initial buttons that I thought were a bit special and gave a nice touch.

Holly's was a shirred short sleeve top that I added lace to the bottom.

Emma's use to be a tiered skirt.
At first I had chosen other items of clothing but some were so special I didn't have the gumption to cut them up.
I love the idea of these dolls and hope to improve them. Once again I was finishing them the night before Christmas and didn't finish them to 1:30 in the morning. I've never been this disorganised for Christmas before but next year......

Happy New Year

(Presented to you by the dolls I made for my girls for Christmas.)
Hope 2010 brings you a lot of optimism and good fortune. Sounds so futuristic doesn't it, like we should be driving around in flying cars and hanging out like the Jetson's.
I'm not one for new years resolutions since they are usually broken within the first week. Who needs all these rules anyway but I do have got a couple of goals.
This year I want to start up my own Etsy shop. I've decided to start off offering PDF patterns (god knows how you do that but I'll guess I will just have to find out!) I have designed these really cute short patterns in my mind and a very easy peazy dress just got to make them real.
Another is and I do hope I stick to this one is do a tutorial once a month demonstrating tips and step by step instructions on different sewing procedures.
So watch this space as they say!
Looking forward to hearing about everyone's new ideas for 2010 and what you all got up to in the holidays.