Happy New Year

(Presented to you by the dolls I made for my girls for Christmas.)
Hope 2010 brings you a lot of optimism and good fortune. Sounds so futuristic doesn't it, like we should be driving around in flying cars and hanging out like the Jetson's.
I'm not one for new years resolutions since they are usually broken within the first week. Who needs all these rules anyway but I do have got a couple of goals.
This year I want to start up my own Etsy shop. I've decided to start off offering PDF patterns (god knows how you do that but I'll guess I will just have to find out!) I have designed these really cute short patterns in my mind and a very easy peazy dress just got to make them real.
Another is and I do hope I stick to this one is do a tutorial once a month demonstrating tips and step by step instructions on different sewing procedures.
So watch this space as they say!
Looking forward to hearing about everyone's new ideas for 2010 and what you all got up to in the holidays.


Little Eve said…
Happy New Year and good luck with your Etsy shop. Cathy
Sounds like a lovely plan - and may just be the impetus I need to get out my needles and thread!

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