Haircut, Cake and Ooopps

Here is Emma sporting her new haircut. Her hair was really long and now I'm saving the remnants for a wig. She looks so grown up now.

Emma went to her friends 4th birthday party. Here is a snapshot of the beautiful cake they made. Her mum just had a baby a few days before and she still threw a party. What an awesome mum or what! Anna and I met at ante-natal classes so it is so sweet to see these two grow up together.
On a separate note, I started writing up the dress tutorial and was just about finishing up. It was then that blogger started playing up. So when I woke up this morning to finish it off, shock horror and a few bad words afterwards I had lost half of it. I just wanted to cry so bare with me I will get it posted soon.
Any ideas for a name for the dress?


sarah said…
oh no! i hate that that is just the most annoying thing ever! and usually when you tell people, they say "what, did you not save it as you went along??" Argghh!!!

A few deep breaths and a cup of tea should sort it out...!

can't wait to see it!
beck said…
Love the new haircut! She reminds me of my Rosie. Sorry about your blog problems, very frustrating! I'm dying to read your tutorial, as for a name, what about calling it after the girl you made it for? xo
Mari said…
Oh Argggggggg!
Are you sure you lost it...It's not hiding in the drafts?! Oh crumb oh crumb oh crumb! THAT is so frustrating.
I agree about naming it after the girl you made it for.
Emma looks simply lovely...did you do it yourself? I'm really contemplating my Jax!? Poor kid would look hatched though!
Melinda said…
Bugger! The haircut is great - I'm sure you will love it at hair-brushing time.
Bugger!! How frustrating!!
Emma's hair is gorgeous! I love a bob on little girls. Mine are in desperate need of a hair cut, has been over a year!
Kate said…
I love Emma's haircut. I am about to do the hair wash and brush before the annual back to school cut and you've got me considering bobs all round.
She looks very sweet with her big girls hair cut. It does age them unfortunately, but maybe that's a good thing sometimes.

Sorry to hear about the dress disaster. You sure it's not there somewhere? Mine saves every minute I'm sure.
PaisleyJade said…
Welcome to the blogging world - that cake is amazing!!
Jen said…
Hi :)
neat cake amazing friend :)

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