The Christmas Dolls

This is a doll in her knicker bocker glory fitted with her silk knickers. The first dolls that I have designed and made myself. The concept behind these dolls is to celebrate each girls personal history.
Each doll has the girls birth date embroidered on her heart and then her name embroidered down the leg.

The doll's outfit is made from an outfit that was a piece of clothing they wore when they were a baby. So a bit of a keepsake.
What inspired me to create these dolls is after seeing all the beautiful dolls that Kristina makes from tiny concepts. I thought "Yes I want one of those" and one of these days I will but for now I thought I will try my own style. So came up with this idea and went for it. See for yourself, her dolls are truly beautiful. Other doll makers that I inspired me also is Black Eyed Suzie and Jess Brown.

Here is Amelia's. This was originally a baby bonnet that I had knitted for her when she was first born. I then put it together with a bit of lace that I bought before Christmas. When I was away I found these glorious little initial buttons that I thought were a bit special and gave a nice touch.

Holly's was a shirred short sleeve top that I added lace to the bottom.

Emma's use to be a tiered skirt.
At first I had chosen other items of clothing but some were so special I didn't have the gumption to cut them up.
I love the idea of these dolls and hope to improve them. Once again I was finishing them the night before Christmas and didn't finish them to 1:30 in the morning. I've never been this disorganised for Christmas before but next year......


Melinda said…
The dolls are gorgeous and such a wonderful idea. I hope the girls weren't up too early Christmas day after that late night finishing them!
Polka Dot Daze said…
I forgot to leave a comment on your beautiful dolls.
They are absolutely gorgeous - very inspiring indeed!
Juddie said…
Absolutely gorgeous - I love the sentiment and the way they turned out so beautifully! You have some very lucky daughters :-)
bybido said…
Wow! I love these dolls. I love the "birth date" and names embroidered on them. Would you mind if I borrowed the idea for dolls for my girls? It's such a great idea.

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