Fynn's apron

One of my new years resolutions this year is when I need to give a present to someone I will either give my presents from my present cupboard or make something from my many fabrics. So far I have stuck to this plan. Although I must say I keep adding more fabric to my pile. I decided that I would make my godson Fynn an apron. I drew up this very rough drawing and ended up with this.
This is a close up of the owl, he has red sparkly buttons for eyes and I did a close zig zag so it can stand a lot of wear and tear. Only problem I ran out of thread halfway through but I found some that was close.

I lined it with this blue stars and moon fabric, I think it finishes it off nicely.

I hope he gets a lot of wear out of it. His big sister summer got a wooden toy oven for her birthday so I think they will have a lot of fun playing together with there aprons. I made one for her the other week but it wasn't quite as flash as this one. I'm a bit late in giving it too him cause his birthday was 2 weeks ago. Better late than never I say, that tends to be my motto I use a lot lately.


Jenny said…
Hi Mary Jane, it's lovely to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog! You have a beautiful family, I just love all the pics of your daughters getting into everything - I remember when my kids used to do this, your photos are priceless! I will be drawing the winner of my giveaway in about a week so good luck!!
Jenny said…
ps - love the apron, your own is great!

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