When I am away the mice will play

I had to go away this weekend for my great uncles funeral. He was 87 and was a soldier in his youth. He had his funeral on ANZAC day which was a perfect day to remember him by. I took my 2 youngest to Christchurch while Steve took Emma my oldest. As you can see she really didn't want me to go!
But once I buckled her into her seat belt to go away with her father to Invercargill she felt much better. She was going on her own road trip.

Now while I was staying at the in laws, in the early hours of the morning while I was feeding Holly. Amelia made her way down to the bathroom and went through my limited make-up bag and decided she would like to put on some eyeliner just like mummy did the day before. You see I never really wear make-up but put some on for the funeral. She was watching me with great interest and wanted some on as well but of course I said "no, not today sweetheart". So she saw her chance the next morning and ran for it. I knew she was being a bit too quiet.
I think she did a smashing job for a 2 year old. I am quite impressed. I think she was going for the low mono brow!


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