Little owl kidlet for Blake

This is my version of a kidlet by J Casa handmade
Our good friend Blake is turning 5 and I had no idea what to make him. Hes a hard one because hes not a boy's boy and he is a really fussy dresser. I know his ultimate present in the whole wide world would be a big frilly yellow dress but his parents would kill me if I presented him with that one. So I found this idea and ran with it.

The idea is for him to put his reading books from school in them each night or put his treasures in.
I thought the cooking book would suit him cause he loves to cook either real or pretend, especially since his sister has a beautiful wooden oven. It also goes with the theme of the aprons I made for his sister and brother.

He's having an afternoon tea today and tomorrow we are all going down to Dunedin to visit Moanna Pool. Hope I don't have to grace every one's presence in togs cause that shock is way too much I can handle!!!


One Flew Over said…
What a gorgeous present! Love the hand stiched name, very sweet.
Cindy said…
I bought that recipie book to find some stuff for the kids to eat. It is their favourite book ever, I had to buy 2 to stop the fights over ownership.
Ellieboo said…
Very cute indeed - love that owl material. Hope he enjoys his present and helps his mum to make you something yummy to eat from the cook book
It's a gorgeous library/book bag! And the recipe book for kids is always a winner. I think he will enjoy these presents!
Polka Dot Daze said…
That is totally gorgeous! I love it!
Ooo Great idea! Might pinch that one ;) We have this book too. Kids love working out what we are going to eat xox

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