Crowns for my princess's

I found these crowns from a blog I follow a little red ribbon and followed the link from there. These crowns were designed by Jessica of Juicy Bits. I love Gretel's blog, she always show cases really cool tutorials, so much cool stuff to make out there.

I got the girls to pick out there colours, of course Emma went for pink's but Amelia surprised me by picking blue and orange.

The reason I haven't taken a photo before now is that we have lost Emma's crown twice this week.

I had to go back to play centre and I found it hidden away in some random handbag, it was a miracle I found it.

This is Amelia wearing her little beauty ( please forgive the yoghurt down her top) but she wasn't interested in posing for me, So...

I got my other willing model.

and she loved it and did a good job!

I think she has claimed this crown now,

and plus it goes with her blue top!!!


Monique said…
What beautiful crowns and gorgeous girls. Popped over here to get this weeks theme and also because I got a lovely blog award from ellieboo who got one from you. Great theme by the way. I used to have a housemate from Upper Hutt. I guess that would be close to where you hail from.
Barbara Brown said…
cute, cute crowns. i love working with felt. yes the cards are for real, every once in a while my boys spend hours building with them.
gret said…
These look fabulous! Thanks for your lovely comments too (and your girls are delightful by the way). :o)
One Flew Over said…
Fun, fun, fun! Looks like the kids are loving the new crowns!
Anonymous said… that the same crown as number 2 child? Lets hope not, one would not like to see number 3 deprived in any sort of way!! 'purple would go well with that jade green ... just a thought.'

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