Emma's First Face+

This is my 3 1/2 year olds first ever picture of a face. Man am I impressed. I was sitting next to her, both of us with a piece of paper each and pen in hand. I say to her draw a circle, now 2 circles, a circle for a nose and then a smile. My picture was a straight forward generic round smiley face and this was her own interpretation. I didn't even direct her, she even put dots in the middle of the eyes, which I didn't. Then she added some hair.

I think we have a little budding artist on our hands. I just can't get over how this is her first ever attempt. I might even frame this one. Can't you tell I'm a proud mama!!


Yes! Be proud and loud! That is fantastic for a 3 1/2 old, better then some 5 year olds at school. Must have good parents xox
Ellieboo said…
Definitely frame it - everything of Ellie's goes on my wall and they are only splodges!
One Flew Over said…
Ahhh...very impressed.
You have been tagged! Come and have a look on my blog

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