Go Finger Food

This is what I like to see, my little darling starting finger food. I've been looking forward to this moment, ooh so much easier!

I love it when you can throw them a piece of toast to keep them happy!!

This hasn't photographed well, but this is the front of the dress, very plain and simple.

I was going for simple but effective. I started the night before the party. I adapted the pattern on the fabric - there's pen marks all on the inside so I hope it fits ok.
This dress was filled with so many mistakes. I just couldn't get my tired head around it. I used the outer fabric as a facing but it didn't work so well with the button placket and the denim was too thick in that area. It was just disaster after disaster but I finally got around it in the end. Who would know such a simple dress causing so much confusion. I blame it on the sleep deprivation!


Gosh that is frustrating! I do things like that all the time. And yes, I think it is the sleep deprivation and rushing, I know it is for me. Love finger food too!! We are at that stage as well. xox
btw i think the dress looks great! thanks for the extra pics xox
Polka Dot Daze said…
I think it looks beautiful - well done! I know what you mean though. I am just about to finish a project that I basically did twice! I usually just follow my nose, but sometimes that doesn't work too well because I lack the sewing skills. My little boy is 10 months and still up a number of times in the night, so I would say definitely sleep deprivation plays some part!
One Flew Over said…
Just beautiful!! Such a good age...when food keeps them quiet ;)

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