The pink stripe chair

Emma(16 months) and Amelia at 1 week old

3 1/2 months later...

Just couldn't resist this one, Emma giving Amelia a helping hand!

A little over a year later, a month before Holly was born.

Just taken a couple of weeks ago Emma 3 and Amelia 2.

There is a little story that goes behind this chair. When Steve's Nana died all the grandchildren had one choice to take something to remember their grandparents by, ranging from a car to anything in the house. Steve quickly took first choice and that is of this chair.

It was his grandfathers favourite lazy boy chair. Steve adored his grandfather and since he thought this chair was so special to Percy he wanted it as well. The original version was of the oatmeal coloured variety, lets say it wouldn't of won an award for the best looking chair but it was oh so comfortable. I convinced Steve to get it covered and I pain stakingly took ages to choose a fabric( I was 8 months pregnant, couldn't make up my mind plus I didn't know what I was having). He was getting very annoyed with me but finally I decided on this pink multi coloured stripe(it wasn't cheap). It arrived a few days after having Amelia and I think it is absolutely devine, I just love it. Oh what a difference a little fabric can make!

And I can tell you it was the best breastfeeding chair ever. I've spent many a night rocking and feeding in that oh so comfortable chair. Down below was my original chair I purchased for breast feeding. I made the cushions for it though the back one isn't tied on yet in this picture but this chair just didn't quite cut it in the comfortable stakes!

Thanks grandad Percy!!!


Jenny said…
Well, the chair is gorgeous but your girls are simply adorable - look at their beautiful big blue eyes! you are gonna be in for it when they hit their dating years ;)!!
One Flew Over said…
Love the candy strip! Cute photos of your girls!
kellie h said…
your girls have such beautiful eyes!!

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