Some Firsts

Well, we have moved! We moved 2 weeks ago and I still haven't unpacked everything. I have no idea where my phone charger is? I haven't set anything up yet. Every time I try to sort out stuff, I have two little pairs of hands behind me re-sorting them into their own piles. I am getting frustrated by the minute and I seem to get the minimal bit done each day. I wake up each morning with the attitude of ' right this is gonna be the day' but true to form each day is the same as the next.

The worst thing is I have told myself that I can't do any sewing until I have all the house sorted and I am just aching to use that machine. So yes tomorrow is gonna be the day......

So in a cheats way, I thought I would show you a series of firsts. I looked back in my photo albums and came across these wee beauties.

I made these a couple of years ago for my soon to be born niece Nina. They are fabric pictures backed by self made cardboard boxes. I used pictures from a wall frieze I had of Jan Pienkowski who did the Meg and Mog books. That was one of my favourite books when growing up.

The sad thing is they never received them because they got stolen in the post. I made up a whole package with handmade goodies of a knitted hat and booties, bibs and these pictures. I was absolutely gutted, so to compensate this tragedy I made 2 more pictures of the cat and mouse but I liked the originals better.

...So some little hoodlum out there has got these pictures, I hope they gave them to someone who likes them and they are being looked after?

The next is my very first quilt I made. Not such a great picture but I couldn't be bothered getting the quilt off the bed which probably needs a good wash and is a bit worse for wear. Wee little Amelia loves it and is always dragging it from room to room.

I made the pattern and designed it myself. Originally it was meant to be a duvet(doona) cover but I measured it wrong so I backed it with polar fleece, which is great cause I can throw it in the wash and dryer.

This is the first and only dress I have made for my girls. I whipped it up the night before Emma's 2nd birthday in a mad rush as usual. Now it is just a dress-up but that was the intention any way. I will start making them real dresses soon. Emma is always asking me for one when she sees me sewing. I'm really looking forward to doing one.

and this is one of my favourite photos of Emma playing with it on in the wood shed. I took the satin sash off because it just ain't that practical!


Moving sucks! Glad you are in, and eventually everything will get unpack. Keep sane and sew I say! I told myself the same thing after the last move, almost did go mad :P
Thanks for sharing your firsts, bugger about the mail thief, karma will get them. Dress is very cute xox
One Flew Over said…
Moving is a pain...and I will be doing it in 3 weeks. Interstate, with 2 kids...lovely. Can you tell how much I am looking forward to the pack up and unpack!
Anonymous said…
A new home-excellent! I hope you are not missing the old carpet just yet!
so new address pleasey...
Anonymous said…
very beautiful pic :)
funny my name is emma

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