I would like to thank everyone for all the well wishes and congratulations for my pregnancy. I was really chuffed with all your comments. I feel I am coming to the other side now with all those dreaded pregnancy symptoms.
I would of liked to thank you sooner but our computer has been up and down a lot lately. More down than up and now it is kaput! It completely died and so we have a brand spanking new one. Oh what a joy!
So as you can see I have finally put up the tutorial. I would love to hear all your feedback about it. I hope every one is having a swell weekend!!


Kate said…
HUGE congratulations to you and the family! I hope you get over the yucky bit and on to the fun part soon. X
Polka Dot Daze said…
Oh Mary-Jane you have been so busy working on that tutorial. Well done it looks fabulous! Sorry I haven't sent that envelope to you, will do this week :)
I hope your morning sickness is well behind you now, and you can spend the rest of your time glowing, and enjoying that beautiful baby belly :)
Chavah said…
Awww wow, congratulations! That dress is gorgeous too. I should attempt sewing again some day soon. It doesn't turn out well for me though lol.
Anonymous said…
I sew for our children hospital, and I can`t afford the patterns, Thanks for posting your pattern,It helps a lot like us to keep on sewing

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