Amelia's 3rd Birthday

My little Amelia asked if she could have a blue party, since blue is her favourite colour. I was quite chuffed with that because it makes a nice change from all the pink. A hazard that occurs when you have 3 girls.
I put my thinking cap on and decided on making her a swimming pool cake. I thought that covered the blue theme quite nicely plus secretly I wanted a swimming pool cake when I was a little girl, so I was dying to make one. I tried to look for some pool accessories but couldn't find any. The pool then had to became a spa pool. I put little silver balls on the jelly and they looked like bubbles but by the afternoon they had melted into the cake leaving silver residue. It looked better in the morning but I was still happy with the effect.

Here is some of the party friends. Amelia is wearing blue and green to go with the theme. She is wearing a crystal necklace that use to belong to my Nana. I have decided that the girls can wear this necklace as a special birthday necklace. It looked so sweet.

We had blue lemonade and blue cupcakes.

The table was glaringly blue. The cups had blue jelly crystals around the rim. I put the rocks down the middle at the last minute so the crepe paper wouldn't fly off taking all the cups and plates with it whenever someone opens the door.

Blue balloons placed above the centre of the table up on the ceiling.

The party in action.

Little miss party girl in all her glory. She was so sweet, being the hostest with the mostest, going around to each and everyone giving them a jaffa, round after round.

I love this photo of holly eating a piece of birthday cake. What a mess she is in, both dolly and her. She started off looking so pretty in her fairy dress.

This is what Amelia got for her birthday. She has been on it everyday since no matter the weather or time of day. If she gets up at 6 and its dark outside with a frost, it doesn't matter she has to go on her bike. Poor girl though. She can only ride on the deck because we don't have any concrete to ride on but boy has she mastered going around in circles quite well.


gret said…
Wow, looks like she had a fantastic time, you did such a great job! (and I am envying the view from your deck!)
sarah said…
that looks great! i love the spa pool cake! brilliant!

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