The Big Sewing Day

Sponsors: Ric Rac, Retro Mummy, Thea and Sami, Jacobindi, The Oz Material Girls, Lark, Craft Junk and Snailblazer
Thank you Sheridan for organising this awesome day and awesome event. This is what we turned up to when we arrived through the door. Are the sponsors generous or what and look at that awesome pattern from Jodi. I am definitely making this right after the quilt. I am planning it to be my baby's Christmas present. Oh I am so exited! I just can't wait to get started.

This little hexagon kit was included in the SIT goodie bag from Corrie. Thank you so much Corrie for supplying such sweet fabrics and something to achieve in the day. I will definitely do more of these. They are quite addictive. Corrie showed me step by step instructions personally so I was quite honoured. She truly is the sweetest. She also showed me the Hexagon quilt she is making, totally gorgeous. I can't wait to see the end result on her blog.

A big thank you to Susie who taught me the basics of crochet i.e holding of the hook. It is quite tricky but I am sure with practice it will be a piece of cake. I was a bit lazy, I only did this much. A bit too busy talking( Thea, Abbe, Anna, Juddie, Belinda, Susan, Jo...) and I fitted a wee bit of shopping in.

I bought these buttons from Cleggs. They are quite big, about an inch or more. I am planning on making winter coats for my girls using them. I'm not sure what the silver flower buttons will be used for yet but they have 2 each.

I tell you, you don't get this beautiful selection at our quilt shop. I was in heaven.


Jo said…
Oooh those buttons are cute! I didn't visit the buttons at Cleggs (probably a good thing).

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