Saturday Night Dinner

As you know I didn't take any photo's of the event but you can see them here. We had a pre drink with some of the girls in the hotel. The lovely Karen gave us a ride to the dinner. That was quite eventful in its self, trying to get a car seat out and then trying to find a park. I hope your car was still there at the end of the night Karen and it didn't get towed because we misinterpreted the sign. Since I was pregnant I got to sit at the front, gotta love those perks!

There was over 50 people spread out on 2 tables so couldn't get to talk/meet everyone. I met the lovely Nic and Pam who sat opposite us. Right next to me was Susie, Lara and Renae.

Pam suggested that I do a tutorial for my flower brooch. So I might just do one in the near future. They are so easy.

I also got to meet the lovely Beck and Kate.

Good fun was had by all and I could only sit by and watch the Pinacolada's be drunk. Oh well maybe next year!


beck said…
Hey Mary Jane! So lovely to meet you the other night, I didn't get to talk to that many people but was so glad we got to meet. Hope you arrived home safely, I bet your family were happy to see you!! Have you have a great week xo
Karen said…
Ha ha - the car was fine - turned out we did read the signs correctly - they were just badly written.
Take advantage of any perk being pregnant offers, it won't last forever (which you are probably pretty glad about anyway!)

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