Still here, but laying low

Just a quick note to say 'Yes, I'm still pregnant with less than 4 weeks to go'. I have been really sick with my asthma so haven't been able to do much. It has been so frustrating. I am so disorganised with this baby and have only bought 2 nighties and some nappies for the preparation. Hopefully this week I will get on top of things and get things sorted.

Above are some things I have made this last couple of months. A doll for a little 5 year old with her birth date embroidered in a heart and her name down one leg. I dyed the hair with black tea. Just a wee experiment I wanted to try. She is made out of cotton velvet and the dress is from fabric I bought from Melbourne. I did a slightly different face from my other dolls. Always nice to change it up a bit and doing one off things.

Whipped up a skirt for another 5 year old's birthday.

Lastly I made a sleeping bag for a 6 year old boy, for is favourite monkey. Apparently the monkey sleeps in it every night. I even put nylon fabric in the inside to feel like a real sleeping bag and quilted it in straight lines. I thought if he didn't like it he can use it as a bag, just for another option but I think his monkey is very happy to sleep in it.

I also started my robot quilt but haven't taken any photo's yet still got a long way to go.


Karen said…
Very sweet skirt Mary-Jane.
Glad to hear you are stil around - I hope the asthma settles down soon.
Kate said…
Its all gorgeous!
I hope the last few weeks are easier for you and have you feeling full of energy for nesting and getting ready for the new bundle.
beeware said…
Thinking of you & wishing you all the best for the new baby!

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