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Just a few photo's of my son wearing the christening gown I made a few years back. He is the 5th child to wear it. All my girls wore it on their christening day. My husband was opposed to his son wearing a dress but I stuck to my guns and my little boy wore my treasured heirloom to be. It was really sad to put it in the wash for I know it will be my last time I will use it and could be years and years before it could be worn again.

christening farm cake

This is the cake I produced for the event. The afternoon before it just struck me I needed a cake. I have done this every christening, remembering last minute I needed one. You would think by the 4th one I would remember...  So I rang up my husband and told him to buy me a sponge so I could decorate it. He bought home 2 round sponges (I was thinking square).  I was so excited that I could finally decorate a boy's cake but had no idea what I was going to do.  It came to me in the middle of the night.  So in the rush of the morning I started on my farm cake. So easy and simple but oh so effective!

farm cake

This is the side view.

The Orchid's on the cake are from my wedding cake. It is my take on the old tradition of saving the top tier of the wedding cake for the first Born's christening.  I have taken some orchids from my wedding cake and use them for decoration for each child's cake. I have done this for every christening.  The challenge this time was how to use them on a boys cake but I think I covered that one.  I was so chuffed with it considering it took me no time at all. The longest part of the whole process was making the icing and what scrumptious, delicious icing it was.

My 2 year old had no problem hoeing into the flowers which was covered in 6 years of dust.  Mmm yum, not!

On another note do you like my new look on the blog.  I had Lindsay Nicole Design do me up one of her existing blog templates.  I am very pleased with it Lindsay!


beck said…
Ahh!! I love that cake! You did an amazing job, wow! And as for your little boy, you've done well with him too! Isn't he an angel? I love the finger sucking...I did the same thing when I was a baby, same fingers too. He is adorable, and just divine in his white dress. Gorgeous, gorgeous post, thanks for making me smile xo
Jane said…
the christening gown is beautiful, but that cake! it is fabulous, i wish i was on a farm right now, away from the hustle bustle of suburban living. Great work. Jane x
Maaike said…
what a beautiful girl and gown! And the cake looks delicious; I love what you did with the tradition and reusing the flowers.
Have a happy easter,
love Maaike
Polka Dot Daze said…
I am glad you won - because the gown is lovely! You're an amazing sewer.

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