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This is a sneaky peak of what I am working on at the moment.  It is one of two cushion covers I am making for a thank you gift for a really special friend.  I have used a beautiful marle grey wool and embroidered a word on each with red stitching.  I have finished the two fronts, now I just have to join the backs on and put on the Zip.  I still to this day dread zips even though I have sewn 100's.  I think it's because I am too lazy to change the foot.  Pathetic I know.

I have felt very nervous creating these cushions because I am not sure if she will like them or not.  It's not like you can give an exchange card or anything.  I will soldier on and pray for the best.  I will reveal more once I have finished and given them to her.

bunnies galore

Here are my bunnies finished for this charity.  I feel a bit embarrassed about them but my girls assured me that they absolutely loved them and a child is the best critic.  Let's hope the children who receive them like them because that's what truly matters.

On another note, the sorting out of my house is coming along slowly.  I sorted out the garage the day before the christening.  Which was rather crazy because I was so exhausted and had so much organising to do but I am so glad I've done it now.  I am in the middle of changing the kid's bed's around now.  Which is rather exciting because I can start to decorate their rooms.  I just have to find the Allen Key to dismantle the cot to transfer to the other room.

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Catherine said…
I look forward to seeing the finished pillows, your sneak peak look gorgeous, great colours. And your bunnies are very sweet, they will be well loved. xo
Anne said…
The bunnies look wonderful!

And I love your banner!
Kirsten said…
The bunnies are adorable - I'm sure they'll be a hit! Best wishes for the cushion.
Sewhappy said…
I love your bunnies, they are very cute and I think kids will adore them!

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