The finale of the Down Under Doll's Quilt Swap

finished doll's quilt

This is the finished project, filled with lace, pin tucks and metallic thread.  I was going to bind the edge with a multi-coloured binding but at the last minute decided on putting lace around the edge.  I thought it gave it a nice touch adding a vintage feel to it.  To me this quilts represents Snow White who is lost in the woods just before the 7 dwarfs come to her rescue.  The metallic thread is sewn in swirls to represent the howling wind.  The grass was done in all colours of green and metallic thread thrown in to make it glisten.  The lace represents that it is cold and just about to snow.  This quilt signifies hope. Saying don't worry there is help just around the corner, you will be saved.  Maybe a little deep for a doll's quilt but I just couldn't help myself ;-)

I hope my partner has received it and it hasn't got lost in the post?

front of gifted doll's quilt

This is the beautiful quilt I received from Janine.  I absolutely adore it!

gifted doll's quilt showing backing

Check out the beautiful fabric she used for the backing.  Isn't it to die for!

handmade gifted purse

This is the ever so sweet purse she made to go with the quilt.  My daughter really loves it!

doll's quilt with pillow

Now Janine had no idea that I had this doll bed.  How amazing is this that she got the quilt to fit exactly to this bed.  I gave it to my daughter for her birthday and haven't got round to making her a quilt for it.  I wanted to  but didn't since her brother was born 10 days before.

showing fold over edge

Doesn't it look so sweet folded over showing off the backing fabric!

Now the dilemma is whether I frame it and put it on the wall or keep it for the doll's bed?

I would like to thank Kate for doing such a great job hosting the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap.  I had so much fun making and receiving my quilt. 


Craftysquirrel said…
This is very cute, having just found you via Megan's mousehouse blog - now think our dolls house needs some attention.

Ps Like your blog a lot, its very inspirational, am going to add it to my favourites.

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