My Birthday Cake Disaster

dolls bed birthday cake

This is what my 4 year old wanted to have for her birthday cake.  We headed down to the shops to find a wee baby doll but could not find any so we decided on a sweet little hedgehog who she named Hedgie.  She chose to have her party at my friends restaurant.  She could chose 3 friends plus her sister and 2 friends stayed the night.  It was such a lovely feeling heading out for dinner just with the girls leaving my 2 youngest at home with their dad.

birthday friends 

Of course I was excited about going out for dinner because all I had to worry about was the birthday cake. As usual I left it to the last minute and nothing was going to plan.  The icing was a disaster and one whole side of the cake collapsed.  I kept asking her "Are you sure you want a cake, do you really need one....."  "Yes Mum, Keep going!"  Many times I wanting to throw it in the bin.  And it then dawned at me with a few minutes to spare.  "How about a couch, would you like that one"  "Yes Mum" all excited.  So I grabbed the only packet of lollies I had, chocolate fish, marshmallows and Jaffa's and started the creation.

I'm proud to say this was the end result!

hedgehog on couch birthday cake 

So let that be a lesson to you all, don't give up hope even when you think there is absolutely no solution.  Not the best cake I've done but I am so surprised how it turned out and the most important thing my daughter loved it!

blow out the candles

These were the party favours, light up pens with present surprise eggs.

party favours

And this was her party last year.  A little bit more effort was put into this one!

3rd Birthday


m.e (Cathie) said…
that little girl looks so happy!! you did an awesome job and no matter what, our kids will love everything we make for them.
nice job mamma! ♥
Catherine said…
Happy Birthday to your little one.The cake looks sooo cute. I bet it tasted great and little ones they are happy that you went to so much trouble for them.:)

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