New Purchases

new blue tony sly bowl

Just showing off my new purchases to dress up the house.  This year it is all about prettifying my house mixed with organised function.  I love this bowl.     It's such a pretty blue and I love the shape.   I love how you can change the look depending on the fruit; yellow lemons, green apples, red apples and of course the bright orange of the oranges.  The options are endless.  The potter is Tony Sly.  I want to start collecting more of his range.  I have a new love for everything that is pottery.

new typhoon bread bin

Going on with more pretty function is my new bread bin.  I adore the retro look and it goes well with my cream kettle and toaster.


Craftysquirrel said…
Oh - love that bowel and especially the red bread bin - it's fantastic - where did you get it?
ZippyZippy said…
Very nice bread bin! And, love the colour of that bowl :)
MissMollyCoddle said…
Love the french salad bowl! I bought a white one for my mum a while back, but I love his new blue. Will have to go check his website out again, since he's back in action. Love your blog :)
Catherine said…
The blue pottery bowl is a lovely colour and shape. I can imagine how lovely it will look with some bright green apples in it. :)

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